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do you get a scissor cut or a buzz cut?

I used to get my hair cut short -- buzz cut -- for years since I was a teenager. But a year ago, I let my hair grow out to sort of a medium length (1970's style sort of), so when I went for a hair cut, the lady saw my hair and asked "you want a scissor cut?" I said sure, so she gave me a nicely styled scissor cut. And they've been giving me scissor cuts ever since. I guess how the hair looks tells them that I get a scissor cut. It's still pretty short but there's more length and texture to it.
Scissor cut all the way. It's probably just me, but I feel more like someone knows hair if they can cut with just scissors. Buzzing seems almost too easy: I just picture the opening scene from Full Metal Jacket in my mind.
Back and sides with clippers as short as possible and no4 on top. Once you get used to clipper cuts scissor cuts feel like you still need a haircut.
Back and sides with clippers as short as possible and no4 on top. Once you get used to clipper cuts scissor cuts feel like you still need a haircut.
The place I was going to decided to play ghetto foolishness on the sound system. I haven't been back, and won't, again. They used Scissors there. I think the word was in the name of the place.
I had been full clippers until 6 mos ago, when my barber suggested a slightly longer hair length. The little extra length helped balance out my rather full face (um, working on that...) and seemed to be the right call judging by the feedback from the lovely bride and folks at work.

I am still sporting a business haircut, a/k/a a boys regular, but the add'l length means that my guy does it all with scissors. I do like it, but there is a need maintain more frequently
I normally get a combination of scissors and clipper cut, unless I happen to luck out and get a favored barber. There is a Korean woman in my shop and getting to her chair is totally luck of the draw. She starts out the cut with a head and shoulder massage that I would be willing to pay $20 for, then she scissors cuts your hair with a pair of very small scissors. The entire cut takes almost an hour but it is the best cut I ever had. I end up tipping her $10 for a $16 cut.
Getting a haircut in a country whose language you can't speak and which believes that a swept-back feather cut is a great contemporary look is very stressful. I have had all sorts of little ruses played on me to make me look "with it". I particularly remember a guy getting out the pinking shears and when I loudly said "Bu Yao!" (don't want) he used his standard scissors in an ingenious and skillful sneak to give me feathered hair anyway!
It got so bad that one of my colleagues was talked into getting peroxide blond hiar.....and matching eyebrows.
so last time I went into a barber and said "ZZZZZZhhhhhhh" while motining clippers. job done in 5 mins and I did not look like a stylish young man from 25 years ago with "orientation issues".
Buzz cut for the last three years. Thinning hair left me with a choice of a transplant, a combover (gross) or the Bruce Willis/Jason Statham buzz. SWMBO buzzes my hair every 7-10 days, looks great, easy care.
Scissor cut; I still have a fair amount of hair at 54. But I've been looking into getting some clippers with the longest available guard and doing some experimenting. My older son cuts his own hair with a 1" guard and seems to do a good job.
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Scissors by a lovely young lady I also get a scalp and hand massage with the shampoo. That doesn't sound very manly huh. Did I mention she is lovely?
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