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Do You Drink Your Coffee Black?

I don't think I ever mentored that I nearly always drink my coffee, espresso, tea, or what have you without anything added, so I'm a genuine, bonified psycho.

Of course, I'm also drinking a cappuccino right now. Considering the hour, by Italian standards, I'm a raving lunatic and guilty of crimes against humanity (so I got that working for me, which is nice).
Cappuccino? Doesn't that have frothed and steamed milk by definition?
Hmm, I really liked the talking head 77 album (note song #10) and I tend to like my coffee black. I remind people that correlation is not causality.

If I want a coffee, it should be not too strong, with milk and sugar.

If I want a laxative, make it stronger, ditch the milk, and add extra sugar. Do not get between me and the bathroom!
Wow, I see I am a total slacker in the coffee department.
my drip setup is a porlex grinder, silicone filter holder and a 120/240v kettle I use when I travel. Home coffee comes from a GS3 and a grinder that sorely needs to be upgraded (Mini Mazzer). I used to have a Olympia Cremena and Caferex (I kick myself for selling them)

I do have a roaster (MCR 2kg - sigh I can't find a pic of it on this computer) and after the seasoning roasts plus about a dozen real roasts I am slowly getting the hang of it. My brother and I split 2-3 bag orders at a local wholesaler (last order was 160kg). This roaster has much better instrumentation than the roaster i have been using for the last several years so I hope to start figuring out profile development and learn how to optimize some of the cool single origin stuff available.

In the meantime I will keep my eye out for a Compak K10 or F10 on the secondary market. If I can get my hands on and play with a Monolith grinder I might consider getting one of those.

Ruckin (student of the bean)
Yes. 54 and have never tasted coffee with sugar in it. Dad drank it that way, so I thought it was the only way.