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Do us men still like Brut and how do you think Ladies with like it

I am on the younger side but I love Brut!!! my friend tell me its old man's cologne but don't know why I still like it and my father always wears it so just wondering have any of you gotten good compliments wearing it

Brut is a bit dated but not old man's. If you like it wear it.

Some ladies might even compare you with their fathers or grandfathers. "Mmmmmh, you smell like my grandfather" sounds like an icebreaker.
I remember when it first appeared and I hated it as the smell made me feel ill!

Thinking back, I reckon it was because the people who wore it had taken a bath in the stuff. You could smell them 100 yards off!



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SWMBO loves it! SWMBO' sister said I smell like Grandpa! SWMBO wins!
I like the smell of Brut, but I wore it as a teenager and I don't generally like wearing scents today that I wore back then, but that's just me. There are other scents from that same time frame that I never tried, and I enjoy wearing them now. If you like it, wear it and enjoy!
I wear it every Friday. Love it. Clubman Original, Old Spice, Jovan Musk and Brut are my favs and will always be in my den.
I have 2 Brut AS variants, one that comes in a 140ml long necked plastic bottle and the other is the European Brut Alaska. It can get a bit strong and a little goes a long way. What I do is mix about 7-8 drops of Brut on my palm with a Witch Hazel based Japanese AS, excellent skin care and sting with a scent that starts dissipating withing 1-2 hours. My mother loves it when I meet her wearing this but my wife isn't a big fan.
A steamboat ran into a snag near Parkville, Missouri in 1856 and sank. It was rediscovered in 1988 and its cargo recovered. There were tons of cargo still in good shape. Some peaches and part of an ox bone were in an on deck ice box, and they were preserved. Canned goods still had their contents preserved too. If you have a chance, go see the exhibit in Kansas City, Missouri. Well worth it!


One item in the cargo was some perfume. In those days, everyone - men and women - wore the same type perfume. The owners of the cargo and museum analyzed the perfume and sold it. Of course, my wife and I bought some! (We put it on, and just look at each other in sexual confusion.)

Brut... an old man's scent? Not a chance. 1856 perfume... that is some old stuff there!
After years of going scent-free, because SWMBO didn't seem to care for any of the dozens of designer aromas in my collection, I decided to get her to take a whiff of Brut when we were at the drug store. She gave it her thumbs up and it's now my daily AS. I like that it reminds me of my dad and the other older men in our family and gives me a bit of a flashback to my childhood. I think that the classic scent goes nicely with the classic shave that I'm enjoying each morning.
Brut = White Floral Powder. Nothing old-mannish about that. A nice dollop of lavender mingling with ylang and jasmine, with some orange blossom in there. Plus, that nice hit of mint in the Classic in glass. It's terrific stuff. The best barbershop fragrance in its price bracket, imo.

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