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Different weights of Tech razor parts.

I got a "Made In England" tech razor, just like the 1932 ones made in Canada. I noticed that the Made in England tech razor has a part that is slightly lighter than the ones made in Canada. The part I am talking about is the blade guard part, not the top cap. I weighed the part made in England and weighed the same part of the Canadian 1932 tech razor. The British one was slightly less in weight, like about a gram or so lighter. But the curious thing is: The British tech razor part is not made of aluminum, like some of them. This is made of some other kind of metal. But I'm not sure what it's made of? The part is plated in chrome, but finish is more duller than the Canadian counterpart. What other metals were used to make the Tech razor?
I don't know about you razor but the caps on later model Techs were made from plated zinc and are lighter then the ones made from copper or brass.
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