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Dickenson's Hydrating Toner with Rosewater

I got this off Amazon last week, and have been using it occasionally as aftershave and general skin tonic. It's really good stuff. Despite the name, and the fact it seems marketted primarily towards women, it's not strongly scented. It just smells vaguely green and herbal, with very weak silage that shouldn't interfere with cologne. I find it to be more toning than alcohol splashes, with no tendency to dry the skin.

It also has hyarulonic acid, which is good for collagen production. It has some kind of emolients that don't seem all that tacky, but leave your skin feeling smooth.

The price is also quite reasonable, at around $5 and some change for a 16 ounce bottle. That's cheaper than Lustray's aftershaves.
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On further use I have discovered after more experimentation and investigating ingredients... this is not a traditional witch hazel toner (polysorbate 20, the second ingredient, for instance, is primarily a surfactant, and only secondarily a humectant... so this is primarily a cleanser). It's more like the micellar waters that are popular with women for removing makeup. Dr. Michelle Wong, aka. LabMuffin (an Australian cosmetics expert who also has a doctorate in chemistry) recommends washing off these sorts of products if you have dry or sensitive skin, so I don't think it would be the best choice for an aftershave product, as it is meant to be applied to a cotton pad or cotton ball and attract dirt and dead skin electrostatically to the pad. It's not really meant to soak into the skin.

As a result, I think I will give this bottle to my S.O. to use for removing her makeup.

In conclusion, be careful what Witch Hazel toners you buy- some are cleansers and aren't really designed to be aftershaves.
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