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Three Months at Sea with a Stick of Arko - Part II

Thanks for all the king words! To those who PM'd me: Sorry I've been out of touch! I'm not sure if any may have seen it, but Maine was hit with a pretty massive ice-storm last week. Lost power for over a week.........:mad3:. back and running now, and will be getting back to people presently!

Slash McCoy

I freehand dog rockets
Nice post! I missed it when you posted it, I guess.

I use a straight at sea, though lately I have been rocking a shavette once in a while, too. Got a couple of square points but I mute the tips a little. My medicine cabinet is stuffed so full that I could go with a shave stick, but I like my VDH and my Godrej cream too much to carry a third option.

I don't envy you, being on a tug and sharing a head. At least on a ship, everyone generally has his own head, which makes it nice when you got a strop or two to hang. I got a Big Daddy at home, and another one here on the ship. Plus I have room at my desk for my hobby, modding Gold Dollars. I usually grind up a handful at home to take with me when I catch a ship, and do the hand sanding, polishing, pinning and honing at sea. When the weather is too bad to work overtime, off watch I have plenty of time to get some razor work done. I brought 10 with me this time and I am just starting on number 3.
from a recreational sailor to a real one....thanks for the read!!...well done and I look forward to more!
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