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Diamond Coated Razor Blades

The future of shaving - coating a carbide blade in a diamond film. Makes for a much, much sharper blade that will theoretically last for years.



Seems like a pretty interesting process. I would imagine the blades would end up being at least $100 each, and in some funky 8 blade cartridge.

Regardless of if it ever hits the market, I thought it was interesting. Almost a razor blade holy grail. :laugh:
This press release has been discussed on here a bit. The general consensus is that it'd be expensive and impractical, not to mention none of the major shaving companies is likely to back such an effort.
Surely they'd still go blunt pretty quickly? There can't be THAT much diamond content or they'd be stupidly expensive- I'll stick to the normal blades anyway, imagine losing one of those if they did cost a load.

Inb4 "Gillette Fusion 2 octo-diamondcoatedblade" marketing hype :001_smile
Well I would think that while the whiskers certainly can't scratch the diamond, they could easily crack it, hence my suspicion that these wouldn't last too long.

I'd like to be wrong though.
I agree that it wouldn't be cost effective, but come on - whiskers chipping diamond coating?

They use diamond coated ropes to cut marble. They use it because the diamond can be coated extremely thin and will not chip, wear too quickly, or otherwise degrade.

But I don't think we need to worry about it too much. Gillette will buy the technology and then lock it away in a vault so as never to have the competition. :lol:
I love this quote!

Anyway, its been years since the diamond coating hype took hold. Any more word on this nirvana?

The Gillette ProGlide employs DLC technology. Also, Hitachi Metals patented amorphous metal technology for improving blade performance. There have been some legal issues with Hitachi's patent in the past, and I suspect this is ongoing.
The Mach3 blades have also been rumored to use DLC coatings. And the Gillette patents on DLC coatings have either already expired or are due to expire in 2014. So there could be more competition on the way, perhaps even DE or SE blades.
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