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DE89 - great razor, but have I outgrown it?

I've been DE shaving now for over 3yrs and have tried various soaps, blades, etc. and settled on what I thought gave me a pretty consistent and solid shave. So, last night boredom got the best of me and I placed a shim in my DE89 (just 1 blade) and the results were like nothing I had ever experienced before…I was speechless. I literally laughed out loud because all this time I "thought" I had been getting good shaves was just blown out by adding a shim. Everything else remained the same. Which has now got me thinking that I "need" a new razor.

The shim worked flawless and is a free "mod" so to speak, but I would like to be able to achieve those results without "rigging" my razor. I tend to keep a little bit of stubble in-between shaves as I shave every 2-4 days, 4 being the max. The DE89 is a fine razor but after shimming it and getting a remarkably better shave I now think it's just a bit mild for the results I want.

It seems the most logical step for me is to purchase a Merkur Progress as I can dial in my shave, but I also wonder if a Merkur 34 or a Razorock SLAB would make me happy. While I don't post often I do peek in from time to time and it seems the "bulldog/ikon" handles are gaining popularity, which is what turned me towards the Razorock SLAB. I know both the Merkur 34 and SLAB are a step up in aggressiveness from the DE89, but the Progress should fit the bill as well.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Try an Old Type or New.
I have a DE89 & have to do 3 full passes to get the same shave as a 1 pass & touch-up under the jawline using the Old Type.

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I don't know. I mean I've used a Futur and Ej89 and both gave me bbs. Guess it's all in your thinking. I've had a lot of razors go through my hands and kept the Ej & the Ej is just smooth with a GSB. I'd suggest a Red tip or an Aristocrat Jr or maybe even a 40's ss.
Solid suggestions, and I will be looking into them as well. Thanks.

I'll toss another into the mix while here, Merkur 37c Slant.
Solid suggestions, and I will be looking into them as well. Thanks.

I'll toss another into the mix while here, Merkur 37c Slant.
Personally I would skip the Merkurs, I have owned a few and always had issues with finish and uneven blade gap (with the progress) , I would recommend a Gillette Slim adjustable or a Gillette long comb new , if you want to get really aggressive then a Fatip or if you want crazy aggressive a Muhle R41
An adjustable is a nice next step if you want to try another razor. They give you the flexibility to dial in the amount of aggressiveness you want, not just by the shave, not just by the pass but even by where you are on your face. That will help you determine what you may ultimately want.

The Progress is an excellent choice if you're looking for a new adjustable. I made this journey from the DE89 and have tried a Mergress (Progress), the old type (still required 3 passes) and the New.

I keep coming back to the DE89. I discovered at this point I prefer razors similar to the DE89 with sharp blades. I also discovered the joys of heavier stainless steel handles. Good luck!
It takes me 3 passes and touch up to get a BBS with my EJ 86. I have been thinking the same thing and want to go with an open comb.
How is the Merkur 41C, the 1904 Classic OC in comparison? I have been keeping an eye for a New or OLD Type Gillette though.
I thought the very same thing, I love my DB89L, but wanted to try open comb after reading on the forum the many positive attributes of them, however I went old school and bought 1 1930's Gillette new , it is the best and closest shave, it glides through the stubble .. I like the small head as apposed to the heavier modern razors, buts that's my preference.

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Why not get the 2013(14?) R41 ?
Will give you one heck of a shave !
I've got both ,and I do like the R41 more ,just because i have to do less touch up.
For smoothness ,the de89 can't be beat
Returning back to the OP's wondering about a Merkur Progress, Merkur 34 HD or RazoRock SLAB, I think that you would find them all to be fine shavers.

I can't speak about the Progress, as I've never used one, but by all accounts it's a great razor. The Merkur 34 would be slightly milder than the SLAB, while still being more aggressive than the EJ89. They are both terrific razors.

The safety bar head on the SLAB is the same head used on all RazoRock/Cadet/Perl razors. What you're buying with the SLAB is the extra weight of the handle.

I have shaved with most of the razors mentioned in the previous posts and think that they are all fine razors.
I still use and love my DE-89L, but if you're poking for a little variety I can highly recommend the 37C slant bar. It's a very efficient razor. If you want to step it up on the aggressive scale, might I suggest a FaTip Grande? Wonderful razor!!
I think you are on the right thinking path with the 37c slant.

Give that razor a shot as your next one.

You will find that you go back to your Jagger over and over again as they are nice daily drivers. I continue to use mine and never grow tired of how smooth and consistent it is. Nice well made, well designed razor for daily use but you DO need a variety to keep things fresh :001_smile
For now I think the Merkur 34 and SLAB are off the list seeing how a Progress could cover them both. The slant is really gaining my interest the more I read about it.

A bit more info, I'm using the Personna Blues and never shave ATG. Usually WTG, XTG, and touching up as needed.
One does not outgrow a great razor. Have you tried a Feather blade in your DE89 razor?

I've tried a couple, to me there wasn't enough difference over the Personnas to offset the cost. Outgrown was a poor choice of wording. The shave I was able to achieve from a shim led me to believe that I needed a more aggressive razor. I'm not looking for a super aggressive razor because I do have a somewhat sensitive face, just looking to get that same shave without having to shim my de89.
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Sorry to hijack your thread, but I've been DE shaving for almost a year with a DE89 and Gillette Silver Blues (previously used the Astra SPs) and am having similar feelings. I'm looking to add a second razor to my rotation that will give me a closer shave with minimal irritation. I've read that open comb razors are a good transition from safety bar razors.

Vintage razors are not for me, so if there are any recommendations on good new open comb safety razors I'd greatly appreciate it!
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