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DE Razor Recommendation?

Hey guys,
Long time lurker, first time poster. I think I'm about ready to make the switch to a DE razor, but I need one that works pretty well for a sensitive neck. I have no problem shaving against the grain on my cheeks and moustache area, but the left and right sides of my lower neck are constantly irritated whenever I shave (I think this is because I have a really strange hair growth pattern there). Currently, I've tried pretty much every safety razor out there without using a DE. So my question is, do you think there's hope for my neck? Will making the switch to a DE solve my problem? :confused: I stopped using the crappy shaving gel and switched to an Edwin Jagger brush and some Trumper's shaving soap along with a splash of Thayer's when I finish. This seems to somewhat help my problem, but still not solve it. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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The Merkur Classic, HD, or long handle are all excellent razors that should perform wonderfully for you.
Others will certainly suggest it... but I have to trow my vote in for a Merkur HD. That is what I started on a few months back and it worked great for me. The biggest advantage in my mind is that it is NOT adjustable - this means that you can spend some time learning technique rather than playing with the adjust-ability (because we are men and we must adjust if we can).
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For a start you can read this-

There is no magic razor to stop razor burn, the wrong razor can exacerbate it for sure, almost always its technique. As far as a DE I recommend a Gillette Tech razor. Take some time to read Scotto's FAQ and see if you can see any info that you can find useful or steps that you are missing. If the light bulb does not go on after reading the FAQ - post what gear you are using and how.
If you have a sensitive neck you may want to look into getting an Ever Ready or a GEM single edge razor. The blades are thicker than DE's and consequently they have less of a tendency to "bite" the neck. I am not the only person to have noticed this and I have seen others post the same comments. Besides this the blades last longer and shave closer, it's a no brainer.
I'm still learning and I use the Merkur Long Classic. I really like the slightly longer handle as it seems to aid in control. About a week into shaving and my technique has improved a lot! I'm not BBS but I'm doing much better now with little razor burn and very few cuts.

Great post in here somewhere about letting your whiskers grow a couple of days so you can map out the directions that they grow in the various areas on your face and neck. We all seem to be a bit different, particularly on the neck.
I had (note "had") the same problem on my neck. Wetshaving and a DE razor have eliminated almost all of the irritation. My personal favorites are the Merkur Classic and 1940's Super Speed. The Merkur HD is right up there as well.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! It looks like I'm going to be buying a couple different razors this week hehe. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.
Well, I have to cast a vote for the magnificent Merkur Vision, with the dial turned to "N" (least aggressive). Great razor, IMHO. YMMV.
You'll probably start out with an HD, Classic, or a Gillette but you'll wind up owning most of the popular razors eventually. That's how we do it here at B&B. :biggrin:
Buy a variety to try out: support RAD. Most likely you won't be entirely satified until you do. Don't forget to try out different razor blades as well. I found that making the switch to Feathers really made the difference for me.

But to further help the razor burn, you could also consider trying some JASON WitchVera.
As a new wet shaver I found the Merkur HD a little too aggressive. I picked up a 1940's Superspeed on eBay, nearly everyone seems to like them, and I found that it gives me an incredibly comfortable shave. It doesn't shave as close of the HD but I can make up to three passes with it and not get irritated, and that gives me a shave that I consider better than two passes with the HD. I have yet to nick myself with the superspeed.

Now that I've gotten a little more familiar with the DE I can use the HD without issue. So maybe try a Superspeed to start and then move on to a more aggressive Merkur.
Don't overlook the fact that the blades are also a consideration here. You owe it to yourself to try out the different blades. Ordering the sampler pack from LetterK is a great way to try them. You might find out that just by changing blades could help you out.
I too will recommend the Merkur HD... but I would also highly suggest getting an Alum Bar.

My sensitive area is pretty much anything below the jawline, and even on days when I get a little irritation, the alum bar and witch hazel settles everything down.
crispy said:
Thanks for all the suggestions guys! It looks like I'm going to be buying a couple different razors this week hehe. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

You might as well pick up an Injector while you're at it!
I think you've been given some good advice - the Merkurs are all good razors (I own several of the fixed blade ones, but can't comment on the adjustables).

I also find the Gillettes good razors - the Super Speeds are pretty gentle and the adjustables are great and can still be found on ebay at pretty reasonable prices. If you're comfortable with a used razor - you can buy a bunch of Gillettes and a Merkur classic or HD for the price of the vision.

I've also heard good things about the GEM and injector razors, but don't have any personal experience.

The one thing I can say is that if you stick with wetshaving for more than a week, you will end up with multiple razors and will have several that you use on a regular basis.

Good luck.
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