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Damn Comfortable Shave

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.

From a cold, wet East Anglia in England, I can see one or two pluses.
Hilton Head is incredibly developed.

In the middle of the summer Hilton Head is congested. There is a lot of traffic, even traffic jams. Not what most of us want on vacation. Even in the off season there is a good bit of traffic. There are literally hundreds of restaurants. Many (perhaps most) of them are lousy; fortunately I know enough good restaurants.

If shopping is your thing, Hilton Head Island and its neighbor, Bluffton, which is just across the bridge and must be traversed to drive to the island, will be just the ticket. Outlet malls, upper end stores, specialty shops, car dealerships. Etc. Etc. Etc.

For someone like me, a non-shopper, the shopping opportunities increase traffic and congestion. There's no shaving supplies store, but perhaps our friends in NYC will open a branch of Pasteur Pharmacy. Now, that would be a draw for me.

Many people retire to Hilton Head and Bluffton. It's a booming place. Last week I spent an evening with a realtor who said there is a big sellers market in real estate at the moment. I know several people, not retired, who've moved there to find good jobs and raise a family. As you'd expect real estate is out of sight expensive.

The beaches and other natural features are great of course. There are many golf courses for golfers and tennis courts for tennis players. There is a lot to do at Hilton Head. The weather at Hilton Head is much like the weather where I live. Hot in the summer. Humid. Reasonably mild in the winter. Great in the spring and fall.

My idea of a great beach and a great barrier island is a place a whole lot less developed and vastly less crowded than HHI with pretty much no shopping beyond the basics and nothing to do except enjoy the beach.


Most folks around here, including me, like to go to Hilton Head. Most of us think the best time to go is May or September or October. May in Hilton Head can be glorious!

Don't get me wrong. I love going to Hilton Head. Sometimes it's perfect.

Happy shaves,


Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.

Not a new photo, but a good shave.

Very busy day. Finally have a phone again; it was a major league PIA + it cost me a lot of money, but I'm good to go. My phone is absolutely necessary in my work so it was a major to-do today, but with a lot of help from Apple and the Verizon Store I have a new phone (and better still, the new phone finally works).

Short story: The old phone was corrupted (virus or whatever?). Getting rid of the phone (trading it in and resetting it to do so) was a hassle even with the help of the nice lady at Verizon. However, since I didn't yet know the data and such were the issue I set up the new phone I purchased today by downloading the old stuff (as all articles and such suggested) from the cloud backup. This was a major screw up. It took a whole bunch of time (like all afternoon until just now) and several Senior technicians at Apple to get it straightened out. The Apple people were great as in they couldn't have been nicer or better informed or more helpful, but it was still a major PIA.

Good deal that it's done. I have a functional phone again.

Plus, I had a good shave.

Happy shaves to you,


Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Wednesday's shave was good. As usual.


FOCS. Of course. Hey, I'm on a roll.

This is a photo of my other Chubby 2
The knot is Silvertip Badger.​

This Chubby 2 in Best Badger has really improved since I bought it. It used to be kinda scritchy, and not in a good way, but almost all of that has converted to either good scritch or scrub. It's now a very nice brush. Of interest to me is how much larger the knot seems in use as compared to my Chubby 2 in Silvertip Badger (which is Simpson's term for their 2 band silvertip); the two knots look to be of very similar sizes albeit somewhat different shapes, but the Best Badger knot seems bigger in use.

Flipped My Blade

Usual Suspects Post Shave​

Happy shaves,


Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Friday's shave was experimental.

The razor is a Wunderbar
(it's borrowed)

Its blade is a new Wizamet

My brush is a RV Shavemac D01 2 band

Today's soap is Vitos Red​


This is an aggressive razor (meaning it is prone to biting me as evidenced by the four or five little cuts or nicks I got today). It's also very efficient. It's far too soon to know much about the razor but it's an interesting critter. I'd say it's more efficient than my FOCS, and much more difficult to use without drawing blood, but it's really too soon to know how I'll improve with a bit of a learning curve climbing.

In any case, by using these products + a styptic pencil, my post shave skin is okay.

That tells me nothing about how my skin would be using this razor every day.​

Very cool to be allowed to try a razor like this one. I can see its appeal.

Happy shaves,


Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Saturday continued my experiment with the Wunderbar.

Vitos Red Soap
Chubby 2 in Silvertip Badger
(2 Band. Super Soft)

Wizamet, Not Flipped​

Today's first pass resulted in no blood loss, but there were a couple of small mishaps on the second. Nothing much, but still I'm used to zero blood.

One of the tiny nicks from yesterday left a small bruise (I think it's a bruise) below my right eye. Not anything concerning, but what's that about?

Osage Rub, Antique Bottle.jpg
Simple Post Shave, So Far​
  • Osage Rub Followed By​
  • Hyaluronic Acid​

Maybe later I'll use a real splash and a moisturizer. Most of the Osage Rub scent is gone already but there's still a whiff. I'm monitoring it.

I've not very closely examined the Wunderbar, but I did look at its gap which is not hard to see. Probably because of my vigor, bravery, and pluck which fans of Fine Snakebite might understand.

Happy shaves,

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Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Sunday continues my experiment with the Wunderbar.

Wizamet Blade, Flipped
Zenith Copper Handled Manchurian
Ethos Soap​

This is an excellent soap. For an artisan soap it is very light feeling. It's very easily rinsed. To me those are good qualities. It also performs well and has a very nice scent, a scent I'd describe as a complex and rather deep citrus, perhaps a grapefruit or orange. My nose is good at smelling but not good at hooking up with my brain for descriptive purposes. Still, trust me on this, it's a great scent and an excellent soap.

I'm improving with the Wunderbar. Only one small weeper today. I did not a lot of work and still got a good enough shave. Too bad they don't make an open comb Wunderbar.

These are bee's knees post shave products.

Beach as a splash was a good choice to follow my soap's scent and to pair with the little whiffs of the soap's scent which are hanging around the edges of the beach today.​

Happy shaves,


Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Monday's shave was very good.

Schaeffer Razor
70/30 Knot
Thater Handle
Vitos Red​

The Schaeffer is a great razor. Anyone buying one probably already knows they're made by Segal and use Segal blades which means you have to modify currently available DE blades to fit the razor. Fortunately, exactly how to accomplish the modification has been figured out and discussed at length in an existing thread. It's not hard to do.

In my opinion, anyone who likes Fatip razors and/or Gillette Old Type razors will love a good Segal or Schaeffer razor. Besides the razor's performance, they're very good looking, and cool as cool can be. The manufacturer was a lock company; they nailed the mechanics.

The Maggard 70/30 knot has been a disappointment to me. It is not entirely finished breaking in. Just breaking in enough to be useful and not damaging took months. It continues to lose several bristles every time I use it; yes, only bristles.

On the other hand, the 70/30 is a lather monster. It also has a very delicious scrub. Much of its bad scritch is gone, but not all of it. I don't consider it comfortable enough to be a daily driver which is a real shame.

Segal, open, blade. .jpg
Post Shave Kit
Hyaluronic Acid
Cremo Face Moisturizer
Atomic Age Bay Rum

⬅ An Open Segal Showing How To Install A Blade​

Happy shaves to you,

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