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In anticipation of the arrival of the 13th Doctor on Sunday, here's a PIF. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, probably best to move along or check local TV listings. As I get older some scents just don't appeal to me or leave my aging mug red or splotchy. The box in the basement is getting full so some things need to go.

1. CONUS or APO only. Pains me to exclude British Whovians, but shipping is a factor.
2. To enter, just say "EXTERMINATE" and name your preferred item.
3. No PM's please, except for the winners.
4. Winners announced Monday morning & soaps mailed sometime next week.

Item 1: Straight Razor Designs Sandalwood - used 3 times about 5 years years ago. It used to be their most expensive soap due to the essential oil used, but it looks like it was discontinued at some point.

Item 2: Straight Razor Designs Sweet Patchouli used about 20 times. Also 5 years old. Leaves the bathroom smelling like a 1960's head shop. My wife has no sense of smell, but she always noticed (and liked) this one.

Item 3: TTFFC Currants and Roses (Sue Moore Memorial Auction edition): In 2016, I received this soap and matching aftershave for a contribution I made. It's unused except for a tiny spoonful I scooped out to test. For whatever reason, this soap lit my face up. I had to wash it off without shaving. I don't remember reading anyone else having this problem. It's probably me mug, but it's something to consider if you've got sensitive skin. If I can find the small bottle of matching aftershave, it gets included.

FYI: Despite two SRD soaps on this list, SRD makes a great melt & pour soap. Their Opus X and West Indies Bay soaps have been two of my favorite soaps for years. I don't get any irritation with these 2 scents and they perform as good as any of my tallow soaps. The 2 PIF's are just as good performance-wise; I'm just tired of sandalwood and patchouli.

Exterminate Straight Razor Designs Sandalwood!
Thank you for the PIF.

exterminate. I'm intrigued by TTFFC Currants and Roses after reading your reaction to it.

Obviously it's a rose note but is it heavily dominated by rose?
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