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Cute puppy pics


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Do 2-year-olds count this is my pair brother and sister labs but he is an oddball was meant to be a fox red but he has the Dudley with no black pigment where as his sister is chocolate

A week after we got this pair 2 years ago 6th of November


His pose


A year ago

20190904_141500.jpg 20190814_131600.jpg 20190729_172929.jpg

And yes they are a handful
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Thank you guys! We will bring our little girl home around New Year and cannot wait. This will be my third dobie and my wife’s fourth. Her first was a blue male, the others were all black females as will be our little one. She is a European, her mom from Belarus and her dad from Russia. Friend of mine has two from the same breeder with the same dad, a 2 1/2 female and a 7 1/2 month old male (this one has the same mom as ours too), both black with great temperament and are gorgeous.
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