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CrO2 Vs Dovo-tubes

Does anyone know which of the Dovo pastes correspond to CrO2? Is it better to buy another brand of paste, or go for the red or green one? Its just for occasional maintainence-stropping / finishing before moving onto canvas, then untreated leather.
There are many different chrome oxide-based abrasives out there, not all of them are 0.5 micron. I believe the Dovo green is 6 micron chrome oxide, their red is ~3 micron iron oxide, their black is ~1 micron graphite, and their white is chalk, micron rating unknown. Keep in mind that you can't compare these to other abrasives based on their particle size, because each substance acts so differently. But the Dovo series of pastes does work quite well.
Thanks very much Mparker. I suppose if I start with the red, I'll be in little danger of damaging anything and then I could try the green if I really needed something a bit more forceful. One of my edges is definitely in need of something more than canvas, but am hoping it doesn't need an actual hone.
I have used the Dovo Black and Red pastes with great results. The black paste is approximately 10K grit, and is slow cutting, and puts a very smooth edge on the blade. I use it after my yellow coticule for some final polishing, and for periodic touch ups. I have never used green cro, but I believe that the .5 micron cro paste can be had on the SRD web page in the states.
Aah, 10k-grit is something I can relate to! All these microns make me dizzy! So, if I was only using one paste, would the black still have enough oomph to make a big difference? I am beginning to learn that smoothness is more important than viciousness of edge
Unfortunately all these microns and grits don't mean a whole lot since you can't really compare them between different substances. Suffice it to say that the dovo black will put an extremely fine polish on an edge, but is probably too mild to keep the razor going indefinitely, so every now and then you'll need to go back to the red. I think the dovo green is probably only needed if you neglect the razor for awhile, or if you pick up an ebay razor that isn't nicked but isn't shave-sharp either.
(Can't believe I'm posting this from my phone) Got a brand-new strop today and some red & black paste. Put the black on the obverse side and got out the factory-honed Dovo I bought over a year ago and have never really been able to use. Maybe 70 strokes on the black then 100 on the clean leather have finally dialled this baby in right. Very surprised at the difference it's made; from practically unusable to a sharp and smooth edge, giving a comfortable and effective shave. Thanks guys.
I think the Dovo pastes get overlooked because they don't have grit or micron ratings, and they are pretty low-tech and old-fashioned (iron oxide, graphite) compared with the sapphire and diamond and chrome oxide industrial abrasives. But they really work very well. One of my all-time best shaves came off a Chronik that had been polished with Dovo Black.
Post a photo of the Chronik Please...please...please.

I have never seen one:biggrin1:

I agree though, I like the black paste and have never had reason to use anything different. I guess ignorance is bliss!!
They don't look like much. Joel's looks nicer because he's gone to the trouble of putting nice scales on his, but then he actually likes his Chronik.
Function over form definitely. If you ever want to re-scale it, let me know. I'd be happy to add some BLING to that CHRONIK!
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