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Critter Pics.

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Doe-Re-Mi...and in a housing addition...that's neat. They must be comfortable...three girls running together.

Watch you flower and vegetable gardens.
I see a good amount of wildlife for living in a suburb. The "city" I live in was named "Tree Town USA" for many years. Heck, it still might hold that honor. A few weeks before this, two good sized doe, a couple of fawns, and a decent buck (6 or 7 point) came through the yard. They were hungry this winter. They were picking at any bush and plant in my yard that still had some green on it. Tomatoes often get plucked by the deer in the summer. A pear tree in my backyard sometimes gets picked at as well.

For as used to them as I am, it's still exciting and gives me pause and interest whenever I see deer, or a fox, or certain birds.
Not exactly wildlife, but say hello to Lord Percival Couch-napper of Earlsdale (Percy for short). Bringing him home today, now that the Vet has signed off on his health. Percy.jpg
You got the carpet and upholstery shredder right...now to see if it works for a living catching mice.

Congrats @Bakker1964...love the name you gave him.
He already had the name (Percy), I just fleshed it out. We have no mice in the house, so it will just be chattering at the local Blue Jays and Cardinals and assorted other birdies that visit our feeders.
I taught I saw anuder bunny wabbit!

DSC_0014 (2).JPG

I'm getting a bit worried...those things can be dangerous.

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Not really a critter pic, yet (or likely ever). Found this on my deck yesterday. Smaller than a chicken egg, but bigger than a robin egg (and the wrong color). I couldn't find a nest anywhere, and I haven't seen any birds around that I could associate it with.

Critters are cool!

Yogi was from a few years ago. Come around a corner and he's having a casual stroll on the highway. Jumped up on the top of the J barrier and kept walking for 20 feet perfectly balanced and then jumped off into the woods. Was on Hwy 3a alongside Kootenay Lake

bb1 - Copy.png bb2 - Copy.JPG bb map.jpg

The bighorn sheep were from last weekend about 20km to the west of the cabin. They're losing their winter coat so look pretty mangy.
bhs 1 - Copy.JPG bhs map.jpg