Creams less harsh on my face.

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    Does anyone else have better luck with creams as far as irritation and smoothness in shaves? I do. I live in Florida and I have to say our water is terrible. I wonder how much hard water really affects the soap or if it is just my face. Any input would be appreciated. Also what is your absolute favorite cream? I am trying to get ideas as I want to increase my selection. I really like the Proraso Green tube.
  1. I’d recommend cella bio. It’s the only cream I can use without irritation. It has a fresh scent and very firm consistency out of the tube.
  2. Aqua blue tube?
  3. I would also like to say that I am looking for creams that lather.
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  5. Thank you very much. That is what I am talking about !!!
  6. Esox, What is your favorite one?
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    I only have the Wild Rose right now, but I'm waiting for other items at Connaught to come back in stock. When they do I'll be ordering some Indian Sandalwood.

    The scent profile of my Rose CRS is incredible. Performance matches. My first shave with it below.

    CRS is in my top 3 soaps/creams. The other two being Wickhams 1912 that Connaught also carries, and Pre de Provence, both soaps. Although Pre de Provence also makes creams.

    @Raven Koenes has their Indian Sandalwood.
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    Reading over my quoted post I mention that CRS may kick my Captain's Choice creams off my shelf too. That was December of last year. My CC 45th Parallel cream is still on my shelf. I used it yesterday.

    Captains Choice also makes a very nice cream. The CC Sandalwood is a fantastic scent. I've used all the CC soaps/creams except the new Venture. I can recommend them highly. If forced to pick one cream, CRS or CC, I'd pick CRS. Not an easy decision by any means though.

    Some of my CC reviews below.

    Captain's Choice Bay Rum - A Review

    Captain's Choice Lime - A Review

    Captain's Choice 45th Parallel - A Review

    Captain's Choice North - A Review

    @Captain Pre-Capsize of Captain's Choice is also in the B&B Vendor forum here: Captain’s Choice
  9. Thanks.
    Excellent info!!
  10. I used to feel that way and then somehow, I got pretty good at lathering in spite of my hard water. Lathering it like you hate it worked for me...

    Anyway, in spite of that, I found that cream is simply fantastic for sensitive skin. I still keep some on hand at all times for those days when my face feels raw but I have to shave all the same.

  11. THANKS
  12. How long do you load your brush for when using soaps?
  13. It's funny, I saw on the back of a puck of Fine hard soap just the other day that they recommend you need to lather for at least 10 to 15 seconds. I'm good with that. Sometimes I go longer - sometimes shorter - but always longer than what would seem reasonable. But not only do I swirl that long, I push down like a champ! I get right in there lol. Soap is pretty cheap - load it like you hate it... and add a lot of water. People never seemingly add enough water!

    That's me. I'll freely admit that I used cream for years though because of my hard water issues.
  14. The relevant development group at Gillette, whilst accepting that it does vary from person to person, believed that it needs 3 minutes lathering for the beard to become fully hydrated but there is a significant near plateau after 2 minutes so their recommendation was to lather for at least 2 minutes. Personally, I notice a big difference between 2 and 3 minutes so I always lather for 3 minutes.
  15. Thanks for the info .
  16. Your reviews were wonderful. Thanks for the info. I am not going to give up on soaps but I do think I am going to work on my technique.

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