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Coogi Australia Sweater

Recently, some friends of the family (who happen to be much more wealthy than myself) gave me a sweater (it was too small for the man). It's Coogi brand, an expensive Australian woven sweater. The colors are a little wild for me, but I gave it back because it was still much to big for me.

So anyway, my question is have any of you worn a Coogi and did you like it or whatever? I couldn't especially tell from the brief moment I wore it that it was worth the $400 or there abouts compared to a 50 dollar one.

Thoughts? Experiences?

Do you mean "old" http://coogi.com.au/ or "new" shopcoogi.com ?

I've not heard of the brand, but apparently - out of Toorak - that is the glammest suburb of the coldest real city we have (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

If anyone was going to make Australian jumpers that are worth wearing overseas, it would be someone from Melbourne (it's cold enough to need one, but they aren't isolated on a tiny colony island ie Tasmania).
they are awful, I have only seen tourists wear them, they have been around for at least 25 yrs, :w00t:

they are made out of good quality wool (but very over priced) and of obviously questionable taste .. . :laugh:

an extract from the first google search of coogi jumper

Emerging from the bargain bin of parachute tracksuits and happy pants, this week ThreeThousand embraces the Coogi jumper.

No, we don't need glasses, or a lobotomy. Our affiliation with the much-ridiculed "Aussie Icon" emerged late last week when we saw a Coogi Sweat on top of dark denim and leather lace-ups. All images of Kel and Kath bum dancing in their matching ensembles were replaced with the urge to smother ourselves in multi-coloured wool.

Like a virtual op-shop, if you can sift through Coogi online crap there are some definite jewels in the multi-colour mayhem. While we're first to admit the label isn't for everyone, the knits and track jackets are pretty fly in a Snow "emmm-i-licki-bom-bom-down" kind of way. Just steer clear of the woven shirts.

By Nadia Saccardo

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Product Type: Fashion

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Hi from another Aussie embarrased by these jumpers. :blushing:

Please, please, please believe that not all Aussie have such B-A-D taste :thumbdown

Run away....


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I didn't want to say, but we make those things solely to sell to tourists with too much money. I'm sure the quality is fine, but if I walked down the street in one of those I'd give myself about three minutes before someone tried to beat me up. That is, unless the jumper itself had not given me a seizure before then.
Wow! I think I've got the message... thanks guys for backing me up on my initial thoughts about this sweater. Fortunately, the sweater was too big for me so I gave it back. I did keep a nice Tundra brand sweater, however. Not nearly as wild.
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