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Contest for Independence Day

That's right, we are giving away to some lucky winners, wait... winners as in plural? - YES!

The theme is our upcoming Independence Day and that is the topic for your entry. You can tell us a favorite memory, what this day means to you and why, or any other thoughts you may have that are related to this special day in the history of our nation. After a few days random.org will be used to select the three winners. This is CONUS only please.

So dear Captain, what do I win? It does not get any better than this...


Each of the three winners will be able to select one of our Venture products. They will then receive small sample pucks of each of the other Venture products they did not select. For instance, select the full size Venture balm and you also get samples of the aftershave, cream, and soap in the Venture scent.

Good luck to each of you!
I been refraining from entering the Captain's contests for a while because I was a previous winner, however I was a tester for the Venture AS and so I decided that I been out for too long! I'm definitely in on this one.

My fondest memory of the fourth was a couple of years back when a friend of mine who was the former Mayor of Blaine, WA invited me to the annual Fourth of July Olde Tyme Parade. This was a BLAST! Everyone in the community lined the main route through town and the parade started with a march of past veterans, some in uniforms, some in wheelchairs, but all smiling and waving to the crowd. Next, the Blaine HS Marching Band showed up in shorts and t-shirts (this was summer after all), playing marching tunes. Then came the floats pulled by long haul trucks or tractors, intermixed with vintage cars. The star of the show was always the old vintage black Cadillac hearse belonging to the local mortuary and followed by anyone else that felt like marching in the parade. Afterwards there were the food booths and the annual vintage car show. Just a modern interpretation of the old time pride by a small community.
Great contest Captain!

My reasons for appreciation of this day are as personal as they are pride in my nation. I am a third generation American from both sides of my family. One set of great grandparents immigrated from Europe, the other from Asia. They are a quintessential example of what it is to come from nothing, seeking new life and new opportunities, to make a place and give a chance for prosperity to their progeny.

It is difficult for us to remember in these modern times that America is a nation of immigrants, in many ways personifying the best of other nations and races, though not above them, and that our freedoms are meant to be shared and give blessing to the downtrodden.

The fireworks and time spent with family and community are an exciting an powerful sign of celebration and unity under the common dream that is the ideal America.

This is what the 4th holds for me.
I'm in!

July 2nd & the 4th are special to me.

On the 2nd day of July 1776, the Continental Congress voted to declare independence of the 13 colonies from Great Britain. Two days later, on the 4th, the wording for the document known as the Declaration of Independence was approved. The Declaration announced that the thirteen American colonies, then at war with the Kingdom of Great Britain would regard themselves as thirteen independent sovereign states no longer under British rule. With the Declaration, these new states took a collective first step toward forming the United States of America!

God bless America!

Secondly, my daughter was born on July 2nd, a very scary time where we weren't sure if we'd lose her or not, but she pulled through & is very resilient, like the American spirit. I remember watching from the NICU on the 3rd floor of a Dallas area hospital looking out the window as fireworks were lighting up the sky. Outside was a celebration of freedom, but inside was a team of docs & NICU nurses working to preserve the gift of life & freedom for our baby girl!

I'm thankful to God for our nation & it's history of championing freedom & we celebrate all that, but I'm more thankful for the freedom that comes from faith & trust in Jesus Christ alone, for this freedom is eternal life with the Lord, paid for by the sacrifice of the Savior himself.

Thanks Captain for the chance!
My favorite memory of the 4th was when I was stationed at Babenhausen, Germany. They had an excellent fireworks display for us troops there. Something about not being in the US, serving your country, that celebrating the 4th just hits at the nerves.
My favorite memory of July 4th was several years ago spending time with 4 generations of family. Talking, laughing, playing games, eating and shooting off fireworks. With busy schedules, it can be difficult getting everyone together. But it is always a pleasure to spend time with family.

I am thankful that our forefathers and our military have given us and continue to protect our freedoms.
Awesome contest Captain!
Totally in.

My fondest 4th. 16 yrs ago at a family/friend BBQ. Spent the evening in the pool, ate some great ribs, and then me and my 2 buddies blew off $1000 worth of mortars. It had cooled off and there was a slight breeze to keep the bugs down...beautiful southern night. Just a great time relaxing and enjoying friends and family. That was the 4th before I enlisted.

The most memorable 4th. 2007...incoming mortars of a different sort and outgoing rockets in Iraq. Not anywhere near as intense as the scene from Band of Brothers in Bastogne, but I had the same surreal moment as they depict Lipton having with the incoming barrage. Beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Two totally different experiences that both shape how I feel about the 4th.

Thanks Captain, I keep hearing good things about the scent of Venture.

It was July 4, 1986, I was in Bad Kissingen, Germany with 2/11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, F Troop and a long way from home and fiancé. Our unit had just returned from border patrol and were given the opportunity to watch a movie at the tiny post theater. I have no memory of the movie, however, I remember every detail of what happened before the movie.

The theater was full of young men, most of us between the ages of eighteen and twenty five, worn out from forty five days of little sleep and high tension. The lights dimmed and images of the Stars and Stripes filled the screen accompanied by the swelling strains of our national Anthem. As the screen flowed with images of home overlaid with our nations symbol, we men stood at attention and quietly shed tears; tears of pride and honor mixed with bits of homesickness. When the music faded, as one man with choked voices...we cheered.

Allons, Blackhorse!

I find it difficult to recall a more patriotic moment in my life.
Fireworks! Whether shooting off a few of our own or watching a show. I can remember going to a show only to have them shoot off the finale first by accident. Needless to say the rest of the show was a yawner.
I have so many memories of my youth that it's hard to pick one. We were usually back east with grandparents and extend family so each 4th melds into the next.

This is in sharp contrast to today when just the two of us walk out on the balcony and enjoy the city fireworks show.

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The winners have been selected by random.org, they are:


Congratulations and thanks to all who participated!

~ The Captain
Amazing give away Scott! Thanks for your generosity here in "making shaving [& America] great again!"

Congrats to the other fellows as well. Had a good time reading everyone's posts here. To all who served for this nation: Thank You!
Wow...thank you Captain!

Congratulations to the other winners. I am exited to try the new scent/product and share my experience with you all.


Needs milk and a bidet!
When I was a kid a firecracker went off between my legs. Pretty sure it was a Black Cat.
I’d say I was about...7 years old? 2nd grade I beleive. I lit it up and then before I could throw it it went off. Thankfully everything remained intact. I thought it was funny. My brothers laughed hysterically. My parents were not so impressed.
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