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Consistency of Proraso Red

I’ve been happily using Proraso Green cream for some time. I recently picked up White, Blue, and Red from a vendor on eBay. I suspect the vendor is acquiring Proraso in Italy as my White was in the European packaging versus the U.S. packaging. The Blue and White out of the tube look somewhat like the green I am used to; close to a paste with a pearlescent look. The red, however, does not. It is much more fluid, closer to a lotion than a paste. I also am not enjoying it as much performance-wise.
Do you all find the texture of the red to be similar or different to the others. If you find it similar, is it possible mine is separating due to age and/or shipping conditions? I once left a tub of Noxzema in a hot car for an afternoon and it separated into water and a lotion.
I love the Red’s scent but not sure I would buy again unless I have a “defective” one.
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A little poofier than I prefer
Sounds like you got a bad tube to me. My tube of Red had the same consistency as other Proraso colors and whipped up a wonderfully thick and creamy lather.
Agree with all comments above.
Yours might have had some high temps.
Or worse, gotten some separation.
Perhaps leave it for a few days in the fridge, followed by couple days at room temp, them try again.
Alternatively, just contact your vendor to swap it out.
A useful post that reminded me that I had the same issue with a tube of Red I bought from a store that was particularly hot. The cream was very runny as a result of the shop heat but I was traveling so never took it back. The good news is that the heat never, in my opinion, affected the performance or scent and it has hardened with time. This post reminded me to dig out my old Red and use it - delighted that despite a long period of being ignored, it performed exceptionally well!

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Sounds like it has gotten hot somewhere along the delivery chain. I would take it back if possible and the vendor should be able to replace it.
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