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Colonge Finds At TJ Maxx and Marshall's

I'm just curious as to what you guys have found and purchased from these two stores.
Kanon Norwegian Wood
D&G The One
Brooks Brothers New York for Gentlemen
Burberry London
Burberry for Men
Grey Flannel
Azzaro Chrome
Azzaro Pour Homme
English Laundry Windsor
Pecksniff's (several)
Kenneth Cole Black and Reaction
John Varvatos Vintage
Versace Man and Dreamer
Bulgari Ava
Curve Original
Calvin Klein Euphoria

Lots of others I can't remember off the top of my head.
Here's every one from what I can recall, obviously they are my main suppliers (along with Burlington Coat Factory) and I've since PIF'd a few of them:

Grey Flannel
Penguin Original Penguin
Perry Ellis 360
Quorum Silver
Halston 1-12
Nautica Aqua Rush (Burlington)
Sung Homme
Halston Man Amber
Azzaro Pour Homme
John Varvatos Dark Rebel
Kanon Norwegian Woods
Mugler Pure Coffee
Michael Jordan Legend (Burlington)
A few months ago I did a blind buy of Vince Camuto for men in a .5oz bottle. I actually really like the stuff. Never seem to see it in bigger bottles though.
I've seen pretty much what has been listed already. I've bought a few, but I can usually find them cheaper online.
Remember that the old lines currently sold are all reformulated due to EU silly requirements and most if not all are a shadow of their former selves, e.g., Drakkar Noir, Azarro PH, etc.
just picked up another bottle of pecksniff's classic and professional.
Bourbon Craft(i would like another one or two)
Pierre Cardin

that's all i can recall right now

English Laundry Windsor gift set(10 bucks cause something leaked)
and a few others

and they had a good selection Cuba colognes that I was not impressed with
I wish I could find a bottle of Pecksniff Classis. I've only seen one and it was gone when I went back. Smells just like Proraso Green splash.
I wish I could find a bottle of Pecksniff Classis. I've only seen one and it was gone when I went back. Smells just like Proraso Green splash.
Keep checking. TJ Maxx is good for Pecksniff's and they reducer often. They frequently have the body washes, hand lotions and hand soaps, too.
No problem Zipslack.
I just picked up 3 more colognes at Maxx.
Black is Black -aqua essence.
Claiborne for Men.
Curve Wave.
Zipslack,you may want to check out the Claiborne.It has a resinous pine needle scent kind of camphory,not quite eucalyptus but nice.
Hi all,

I found a shelf full of Humphrey's Witch Hazel. All were priced $5.99 per 8 oz. bottle, EXCEPT, one bottle was priced at $3.99 for the same 8 oz. bottle. Care to guess which ONE bottle I purchased ?