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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by BigD, Jan 2, 2019.

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    I applied the stick directly to my face, allowing the stubble to grab product. After shaking out my brush, I scrub my face, creating lather within the brush and on my face. Since I do wear a shaped beard, the smaller stick works better than a large shave stick. If I didn't wear a beard, I would be more interested in the typical, quarter-sized stick for full-face application.
    When I used the Synthetic B&W from Maggard Razors(photo attached), I didn't shake enough water out of the brush. When I used the 16mm Finest from TGN(photo attached), I got it right.
    Personally, I would lather it because it helps distribute the lather and reserves some in the brush for a 2nd pass or touch-up as needed.

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  2. Colonel Conk

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    Awesome! Thanks for the info.

    If I have the typical 5-O'clock stubble, I will sometimes just rub the puck on my face and shave without lathering. Talk about slick! The lathering tends to take some of the slickness out of it for me. I enjoy seeing other peoples methods and uses.
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    It is soap, and can be used to clean your face.
  4. That's why I do a face scrub with it after my shave. You could probably use it as a shampoo and body bar all in one as well. Kind of expensive to do it that way, but it can be done.

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