Colonel Conk Bay Rum Review

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by BigD, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. REV579

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    I would love to see your puck setup. I have a spare mug, but no cap for it and a plastic, round travel soap container that might fit the bill too.

    Interesting moment - I also found a Mach 3 set still in the cardboard blister pack from 2015.
  2. Great detail and review
    i haven't tried this brand yet
    reading your processes.impressive
  3. Thank you. Learned a lot of it from the others on this forum.
  4. Colonel Conk was the first soap I bought. I got the 4 pack with 4 scents. It stays in my rotation even with all the old tried and trues and the Artisan soaps I have. It will always stay in my rotation.

    I don’t bloom the pucks anymore. I don’t bloom any soaps anymore. I just scrape a dime size piece out with my “shave knife”, put it in my scuttle and whip up a great lather.

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  5. Pepin

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    My Col Conk arrived. It does produce an amazing slick lather, very nice shave.
    The Bay Rum scent is mild and nice.
  6. I'll put up a pic when I can. It isn't fancy, but it works.
  7. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    Glad you enjoy it!
  8. It was a great review!

    Man, this was my first hard soap when I switched from creams years ago...

    Back then, before the artisans took the scene, it was seen as one of the best shaving soap ever... I am please to see people are re-discovering it.

    It is a great soap that I prefer using with a straight razor. The slickness is perfect and it is not too thick so the blade easily glide on the face. Plus, as mentioned above, it doesn't dry out my skin and it doesn't break the bank.

  9. REV579

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  10. No problem.
  11. ajkel64

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    Thanks for the review, I missed it earlier.
  12. No problem. Might do more soap reviews. More than likely I won't be getting any different results than other members here. I think it helps that I shave everyday. Besides sleep it's the only time I get for myself when I am not at work.
  13. REV579

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    I turned a portion of the puck into a shave stick.
    CC Bay Rum ready.jpg
    After cleaning the glue stick out, I loaded the stick with some of the Col Conk Bay Rum
    CC Bay Rum Loaded.jpg
    It hold quite a bit of the soap.
    CC Bay Rum extended.jpg

    Used it to face lather this evening-stellar experience. Performed really well. After using it by loading a brush and creating lather in a scuttle with just a so-so experience, I have to say it really seems like the stick & face-lather approach maximizes the soap.
  14. Nice comments everyone. If you like a stronger scent try Colonel Conk's Lime version.
  15. +1 on that. I just used some a couple weeks ago. It’s like shaving with a fresh lime.

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  16. Same as this. Great soap.
  17. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    Do you gentleman lather the soap with a brush after applying soap or do you just go straight to shaving?
  18. I actually shave the soap into a scuttle and build lather. Then apply and shave.

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  19. Colonel Conk

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    Im sorry... I was asking the folks that use a shave stick. Particularly @REV579 who commented on the slickness. Was the soap used as applied or do you lather with a brush.

    Sorry for the confusion!

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