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CLOSED!!!! Weekly Blade PIF For Lurkers! Register for your chance to win! September 2 to September 9

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:a50:Welcome to Badger & Blade! :a50:

If you are thinking about registering and need a nudge how bout this!

In continuing our weekly blade PIF we will give away a super awesome blade sampler to one newly registered member. To be eligible all you have to do is click here and register an account with us: Badger & Blade

After you have done that come back here and post "I'm in" to enter for your chance to win an awesome blade sampler that will set you on your way to wet shaving nirvana.

So don't delay, register today!!

The blade sampler is brought to you courtesy of The Great Blade Exchange and in partnership with the good members of B&B who have donated blades.

Your prize will consist of roughly 20 blades from the selection on hand.


Fine Print:
This blade PIF is only open to members that register between September 2, 2017 and September 9 2017.
This is open to everyone worldwide!
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