Claiborne for Men cologne

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    A brief review and some thoughts of this product.
    I have seen this product in TJ Maxx(11$) for the last month or so an have sprayed it a time or two into the box and was on the fence about it.Last week I sprayed some one my wrists and walked around the store for a half hour or so.Wow! I really liked it and purchased the remaining bottle.If they get more in I will definitely grab another bottle.

    The packaging is a light green and cream white striped box with red and black print proclaiming Claiborne for Men.Not the most striking appearance,kind of understated.The 3.4 oz bottle contained therein is one of the oddest,unappealing ones I have purchased.A round slightly smoked glass bottle.The lower half is encased in a slightly soft black plastic layer and is topped with a red square cap.This gives the bottle a stepped appearance.The red atomizer is mounted on top of a silver-grey collar.With the cap on the bottle it is kind of fugly.If Claiborne was trying to be different they suceeded.I think this stuff would have been more popular if it was in a green or yellow-green bottle with a yellow or green or silver cap.This would more closely match the character of the scent.

    Now onto the scent.From online there seems to be a lot of different notes combined here in this liquid-melon ,oakmoss,leather,cyclamen,rose,musk,amber,carnation,patchouli,artemesia,lavender,juniper,cedar,bergamot,grapefruit and lemon,pine needle.What my nose picks up is from the start is lemon peel,sharp citrus and then the green notes-a resinous almost camphor-eucalyptus pine note.In a performance against type the lemon sticks around the entire time and dances with the green piney notes.It has moderate projection for 1-2 hours then has mild projection another 3-4 hours and then becomes a bit better than skin scent for another 4-5 hours.

    Well worth purchasing.I am going to grab another bottle when I can.I just wish I could find the matching after shave in something other than a .5 oz bottle.

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