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Taxi by Cofinluxe

Recently got a bottle of this off the bay for 10$ or so. Supposed to be from the 80's. I have never heard of it before.I read some online reviews of it describing it as pine drakkar. okay.Sounds good to me..

Now the bottle looks horrible black glass with a weave pattern and a small yellow label. The fragrance is very nice piney and lemony with some dark notes in the distant back ground. I don't get the drakkar comparison. it's more of a heavier Claiborne for Men. It is strong for the first hour or so and then turns into a moderate skin scent that hangs around for hours. I wish it had better projection, I am sure it's been reformulated and the original was stronger. It was a good purchase even though you have to use a good amount. I will probably reorder it one day.
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