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Oaken Lab AS - (Conservatory) Review

Hey Everyone,

I've been using this for a little over two months now and wanted to give everyone my thoughts on this smaller, less popular artisans after shave splash. In short, it is excellent. It is an alcohol free splash/tonic like product that is similar to Lucky Tiger Face Tonic and Thayers Witch Hazel (but better in my opinion). It comes in a tall, slim rounded glass bottle with a plastic restrictor and plastic lid. The seal is very good on the lid and the restrictor is very good as well. Only a couple of drops come out at a time and you need to shake the bottle to dispense more. This makes pouring the ideal amount very easy so excess product isn't wasted. The bottle design also matches the tubs, with the bottle being a dark brown colour with the abstract art/photography with the name, ingredient list and imaginary scent notes on the front. Elegant and easy to use, I like the design.

The Scent:
I got the splash with the 'Conservatory' scent. This is easily in my top 3 wetshaving original scents. The scent strength is slightly above average and opens quite strong but mellows once applied. Fantastic floral and fruity scent with a herbacious, rezinous background and a hint of spice and woods. It really creates quite a pleasant fresh floral with the fruity accord from the bergamot, orange and neroli being quite bitter and light to the heavy floral and somewhat powdery accord of the rose and cedar. Background elements of the basil, benzoin, patchouli and cassia (a green cinnamon type botanical) add a herbacious, sharp, spicy depth to the scent without detracting from the citrus and rose notes. Its not dry at all, and comes across as quite lively without being super fresh and effervescent. Its not tangy or zesty or overly sweet. Nor is it too bitter, dark and damp. Just the right balance in my opinion. Very easily a scent one could wear year round.

Scent: The weird part about this product for me is how long the scent actually lasts considering there is no alcohol in the AS. There is a good hour or so of scent longevity with average projection for an aftershave. Sillage however is very strong. I get traces of this even 6+ hours later. If you don't like wearing cologne but want something that will last...this may be something to consider.

Face Feel:
Excellent. The splash is a milky, watery like consistency that is instantly absorbed by the face and leaves no sticky residue, oily feeling or creates an overt sensation of astriging that I found Lucky Tiger to leave me with. It honestly, just feels nice and refreshing and I can feel it do what I need a splash to do but then it just absorbs so fast. Just feels like my skin is smooth and healthy after application. There is no burn or stinging as it is alcohol free and despite containing witch hazel I don't find it creates that rough, drying sensation that witch hazel on its own does. The moisturising agents aren't super heavy either. Overall, it just feels really good to use. Not light or heavy, not greasy, not sticky, not tacky and drying. Just nice. It really doesn't have many downsides for my skin.

The Formulation:
Quite good! Its a mostly natural formulation with the exceptions of a preservative, a humectant and emulsifyer. Witch hazel acts as the main astringent and anti-septic/bacterial whilst Aloe Vera extract, castor oil, glycerol and allantoin provide the main skin conditioning properties of the splash. Could be a little better, I would prefer it preservative free but I understand its inclusion.

Overall, a really nice splash with a killer scent. I can recommend it! Interested to hear you guys' thoughts on it or other scents if you've used them.
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