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    Picked up the new .45 today. Timing on it is perfect and it locks up bank vault tight. The first thing I did when I got home was replace the knurled cylinder pin screw with the slotted one like the originals that came in the box with it.

    Next to an original Colt.

    DSC_0003 (2).JPG

    DSC_0005 (2).JPG
  1. It’s a beauty. I don’t shoot, but I like it. And who wouldn’t?
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    Very nice.
  3. I have revolvers and pistols. But given a choice, I'd take a revolver every day of the week. Good looking guns.
  4. Y'all are giving me a real appreciation for revolvers. Beautiful firearm.

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    Classic indeed.

    Mike; what's the wood?

    Whoa! Case-hardened, too! Impressive!

  6. For $517 I like it. The action was a bit rough when I tried it at the shop, only did 3 clicks when thumbing the hammer instead of 4, but now that it has been worked a bit it has gotten better...4 clicks now. So it doesn't have the rebounding firing pin...empty chamber needs to be kept under the hammer, like all of my other ones. It should get better after a few hundred rounds through it. I'll see how it holds up.

    Walnut stocks. The stocks are a bit, a tiny bit, "proud" around the grip frame but they are fine. After market grips are an option...I'm thinking Ivory. The case hardening is pretty good, but not quite like my Colt New Frontier .22 that I got in the late '70s. But what do you expect for that price. Try to even find a Colt SAA. There is no Colt dealer around here. The ejector rod finger piece is the "bulleseye" style like the original ones. The 1894 one of mine has a different style one, but it was made 21 years after the 1873 model, one year before they went to the different cylinder pin retainer.

    This pretty much says it all in a nutshell.

    Oh...and the guy at the shop had a repro. 1897 Winchester pump in the rack for sale...$550. He also said he had an original '97 Trench gun in the back with the handguard and bayonet lug. I started drooling.
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    H45 rules! Starts the video dual-wielding! :2guns:

    The Cimarron seems like a great choice. .45 Colt is probably my favorite cartridge; hope you reload it as I do - factory ammo's spendy and the Starline brass lasts literally forever.

  8. Very nice indeed. Look forward to a range report!
  9. I have about a 100 rounds of .45 brass that I used to load with black powder for the old Colt, plus the box of 50 factory ammo I just got for the Cimarron. Need to dig out the carbide dies. I have the primers, plus most of a pound of Unique, but the bullets I have are sized .454 for the old Colt. Need to pick up some .452 sized ones.
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    .452 is the magic number. I am a giant fan of the Keith-style semiwadcutter for .45 Colt use. It's the most forgiving round ever; so many powders work ...

    H45's video was pretty complimentary. Color case-hardening is so classy, IMHHO. You got a beauty there.

  11. Mine is in 357 Magnum, but they are really nice looking guns. received_2287538498238085.jpeg
  12. I also have some H110 left, but will have to look up load data for the .45 as all I've loaded for it is black powder.

    Have you shot yours yet? I'm not going out today...that 30 mph North wind has friggin' ice on it.
  13. I'm thinking about getting another holster for it besides the Mexican Loop/Money Belt rig I have for the old Colt. Maybe something like this:

    1930 “Austin” Holster – El Paso Saddlery

    Get some imitation Ivory stocks for it and the holster with extra fancy carving and dyed background, and use it as a BBQ gun. Dang, the holster would cost almost as much as the gun. But the carving with the dyed background does look nice.

    DSC_0003 (2).JPG
  14. [/QUOTE] Have you shot yours yet? I'm not going out today...that 30 mph North wind has friggin' ice on it.[/QUOTE]

    I have and can confirm that it shoots beautifully.
  15. They are great repros except for one small deviation and that's only if you shoot one a Helluva lot: Uberti doesn't install a breech face recoil shield like Colt did. FWIW, the Pietta repros do have it. I had to have some recoil plates machined in on some Ubertis years ago and it's a SOB to find a revolversmith to do it and cheap it ain't. :07:
  16. Put a cylinder full through it to see if it shoots. Looks like it printed a bit low left, but the groups may improve after I get used to the skinny sights and the action slicks up a bit with use. I was using the 250 gr. LFN at a leisurely 720 fps. I'll try some regular ones at about 900 fps. after I finish up this box of Cowboy Loads. The four round group, discounting the two flyers, was 1 1/4 inch.

    DSC_0003 (2).JPG
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    You are the king of revolvers! Awesome stuff. I love to see such pretty pistols.
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    I admit I want one!

  19. I do like color case hardening. My Colt .22 is nice, but it has faded a bit over the years. The Turnbull ones I've see are a little "loud" but they should age just fine.

    I got some snap caps for it to work the action a bit, and just put a couple of drops of CLP down the front of the hammer while it was thumbed back so it would run down to the sear. That smoothed things up pretty well. Once I get some regular velocity ammo for it and see how it groups I'll think about adjusting the fixed sights. The front sight can be filed down to raise the point of impact, and some are made a bit high for that reason. You can tweak the barrel a bit to adjust for windage, as long as you pay attention to the barrel/cylinder gap and keep it proper.

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