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Chosera specifically: Chosera 5k and snow white

Yeah, mine definitely loads more than that, a rinse and rub wouldn't cut it unless I only did ten laps. My Fuji doesn't load though and it hasn't warped or crazed either (knock on wood). My Hayabusa takes on quite a bit more water than the Fuji too. Was yours like that?

I got a Shapton pro 5k to use in its place and I like the feel much better. And it doesn't load.
I got a hayabusa later last year, fwiw. I got it together with the Fuji after reading Keith's article about them being a good mid range setup combo at a reasonable price for a beginner. They outshine all knife stones I’ve used for this purpose.

Although mine doesn’t load, its cutting speed slows dramatically, and benefits from a diamond plate refresh every 5-10” if you’re in “scratch erasing” mode. After that it’ll settle down a bit and polishes fairly gently. So it has a bit of a dual character in my mind. Once the surface dulls and it starts to feel a bit plasticky, I know I’m making the next step a little quicker and easier because of how well it polishes. My mental model is that it’s helping to keep a small “vertical” distance between scratch peaks and valleys but I don’t have the type of microscope to verify that. Just an intuition after trying a handful of mid grit stones. But you have to be ok with that feeling to keep at it.

I think it does a pretty good job. It’s basically outclassed the JKI 3k magnesia green brick, the JKI 4k soaker (totally wrong for razors) and the Naniwa pro 5k for a mid progression stone. I’d love to hear about other options people like for this slot because I’m not in love with it, but can’t deny it’s beaten all the other contenders so far.

It’s not terribly thirsty, haven’t noticed crazing or warping to speak of as yet.
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It’s not terribly thirsty, haven’t noticed crazing or warping to speak of as yet.
I'm going to amend this. I honed two razors last night. One saw 2-8k, one saw only 5 & 8K. The Hayabusa looks like it took a bad dish the next day. All were straight edge flat for at least the center 6" of the stone to start. The Hayabusa is by far the biggest pringle after drying the next day.

Details of a representative light gap, then a full-stone view. Less detail, but the Hayabusa still shows a solid gap. The least used and most dished of the three. The other two will take a minute or two to get back to dead flat next time, but this will take 10 min. Not horrible, but enough for a sigh of resignation.

The straight edge is a middling brand, but it's been flattened and polished on a reference block to my satisfaction.

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