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Try shaking your brush well, add a few drops of water to the Cella and gently swirl with the brush.

With my Kent BK4, I do about 30 swirls on the soap - this loads just the right amount.

If you are too heavy handed with the brush, you end up stirring the soap and end up with great globs stuck on the brush !

Have fun !

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good comments guys! I tried the "10 second" thing last night and got a pretty nice lather. It was only a test run so I'm not sure how well it would have performed, but the lather looked and felt pretty good. I think I was spending way too much time loading up the brush and as a result I wasn't adding enough water.

On a side note, have you guys ever tried to mix MWF with another soap like Tabac or Palmolive?

Yeah, if it's too thick and dry you probably just need a little more water, and if it's too thin and bubbly you probably used to much water... you just have to find the right amount (with any soap) and build a routine.

As for the MWF question, I mix it with creams. My favorite lather right now is MWF, with Trumper's GFT cream, 2 small pumps of glycerine and a few drops of water... I guess that is a story for another thread though.
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