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Cella and hard water

I'm in the midst of a water hardness spike here in my town. We have hard water normally but every so often the hardness seems to spike for 4 or 5 days. I know this is happening because all of the sudden I get instant residue on my razor.

I used Cella today to see how it would perform in this uber hard water. I did my usual 20 second spin on the soap and proceeded to face lather. The lather was thin and fizzy. I made my first pass anyhow and I still had surprisingly good glide and cushion. A great first pass in spite of the sub-par lather. So, is super hard water the end of Cella? No sir!

I just hit the soap again and picked up more product. Passes two and three had the usual thick creamy lather that I expect from this amazing soap. I had to return to the soap one last time for pass four.

Gentlemen, this wonder soap works great in very hard water. The solution is simple. Just use more product. You'll know you've got enough product on the brush if when you proceed to face lather the initial deposit of product on your face is an opaque creamy spread; almost like an ointment. From there you'll be able to produce wonderful lather.

You know, when the water is like this I have to use more cream too; almost double the normal amount. With Cella and water like this 40 seconds on the soap probably would have done the trick.
I just noticed, the descriptor under my user name just switched to, "I used more product... and it worked." :laugh:
I just noticed, the descriptor under my user name just switched to, "I used more product... and it worked." :laugh:

Oh, so, so true. I have extemely hard water, and for this reason, even with my soft soaps, Cella, P.160, and Valobra, I always load my brush for the absolute minimum of ONE minute. I probably then get too much lather, but what the heck, it's so great, it has to be enjoyed, plentifully!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
I don't have hard water, but Cella does lather beautifully. Today I did an uberlather of Cella, Godrej DeLuxe, and Glycerin. Take about a razor gliding!
I have well water and early on even used bottled water for lathering. I got accustomed to creams because they were just easier to lather using well water. Cella is the exception. I don't have to load the brush for at least a minute like other soaps and whether I face or bowl lather, Cella lathers as easy as any of my creams. And the only cream that comes close to it for performance is CF.
My water hardness can be unpredictable and Cella never fails me. A minute on the soap and there's always enough product to give me great lather.
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