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Casual summer shoes?

I'm looking for a new pair of shoes for the summer, something casual, but still nice. I generally wear converse when wearing jeans/tshirt, but I want something else if I'm wearing a collared shirt. Preferably no Sperry's/boat shoes (I'm in college, those are over done, and only the greek peoples wear them) Any suggestions for styles or brands?
Ah, something else I forgot to mention...no leather. Canvas or suede is fine, but I already have some all leather shoes.

Thanks for the suggestions Steve.

If you don't mind the skater look, chrome tobruks can be had for under $50. It's an excellent bike shoe.

Otherwise, Sperry Largo
I tried the Clarks Desert boots once. They just didn't look right on my big feet.

If boat shoes are out, either Vans Era's or Asics Mexico 66 shoes.
As a fellow university student, I've got to say that just about anything from Alden is ridiculously over my footwear budget, just FYI.

On topic: I've long been a fan of Camper for casual but not Converse type shoes. Good luck!
Oh wow, yeah I just searched for the Alden shoes. I had no idea they're so pricey. Defiantly out of my budget as well, but I like the look with red laces, striped socks, and jeans.
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