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Cartridge to R41 to Cut-Throat

Shave 488 and 5 on the Bengal near wedge with a Welsh Slate edge. Lathered with TOBS Sandalwood and Yaqi Badger.
This Bengal is strange. Today, like the last time I used it, on pass one I was thinking ‘this needs a touch up’ but on pass two, it felt sharper and on passes three and four it got progressively sharper and nicer until right at the end it felt smooth and crazy sharp and in no way any need off a touch up. Today’s shave was great.
It’s old this heavy little chunk of steel, much older than me. I wonder about the life it’s had. It’s acquired wooden scales at sometime in its life but they’re a little too rustic I want to change them. I’ve never de-then re-scaled a razor before so I think I’ll buy Some new scales and one of those little pin and washer kits they do, and give it a go.
Shave 489 and on the 5/8ths film edged Robeson Suredge, lathered with TOBS Jermyn St and Yaqi Silvertip.
034E084D-C67D-4503-A367-068B0B924441.jpeg B3B28059-E28C-4992-8BEE-0A2AF4BB0E73.jpeg
This Little razor is probably my most hollow it’s got a great sound and takes a fine edge. Etched on the blade’s face are the words ‘The razor that fits your face’. Well it certainly fits mine. It’s light, well balanced and very smooth and sharp. A shaving pal of mine sent it to me originally with an Arkansas edge, I’ve honed it on films a couple of times since. It was made in New York I’d guess 1930-40 or so but I was unable to find an exact date for its tang stamp 16 F 300. 439BBEBF-3973-47DC-82E9-B80EDC172551.png

I think this was its birthplace. My friend sent it 3500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to get to me now. 7C819105-49B1-4685-9B9D-CE2E4086FB8B.jpeg
All that time and all those miles now it’s got to someone who really appreciates it and who uses it like it was meant for all those years ago.
This morning it gave me another great shave.
Shave 489 and on the 5/8ths film edged Robeson Suredge, lathered with TOBS Jermyn St and Yaqi Silvertip.
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This Little razor is probably my most hollow it’s got a great sound and takes a fine edge. Etched on the blade’s face are the words ‘The razor that fits your face’. Well it certainly fits mine. It’s light, well balanced and very smooth and sharp. A shaving pal of mine sent it to me originally with an Arkansas edge, I’ve honed it on films a couple of times since. It was made in New York I’d guess 1930-40 or so but I was unable to find an exact date for its tang stamp 16 F 300. View attachment 1103489

I think this was its birthplace. My friend sent it 3500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to get to me now. View attachment 1103490
All that time and all those miles now it’s got to someone who really appreciates it and who uses it like it was meant for all those years ago.
This morning it gave me another great shave.
nice piece of awesome history.....

these are the things.i can appreciate!!!!

Shave 490 and 10 on the film edged Friodur. Lathered with TOBS Jermyn St and Yaqi badger. 0EDA47C9-EC1B-4BAF-A32E-2B81819EB571.jpeg
Nearly 500 shaves in I could be forgiven for thinking that I had the shave pretty much maxed out now in terms of technique and muscle memory and closeness. But no. Over the last few days I’ve been getting a lot closer on my top lip with both hands. I can feel extra control coming.
I’m learning the cello. Day one the bow felt awkward and unbalanced, it just bounced and skidded all over the strings, after a while the bow hold strengthened a tiny bit each day, too small to notice. A year in and it’s a lot better but muscle memory just keeps on giving. The more I play the better the feel, the nicer the note and the improvement won’t stop.
This is how I feel learning the straight. Day one it felt super awkward to hold and use. Hardly breathing, my arms hurt from waving the thing above my face so long trying to get it to land. But every day it got better and I felt more grip and control coming.
Well that’s still happening which is a pleasant surprise.
Good shave today the edge on the Friodur is sweet.
Shave 491 and 1 on Thomas Turner with a Naniwa 12k edge.
This morning I decided to give the Turner a quick hone on my Naniwa 12k and try to bring It back into use as for some reason it’s been a real puzzle to get it right lately. 2F8B2E68-C3A1-4F88-91B5-488EF978A5CA.jpeg
I held it under the running tap and gave it 15 laps. I haven’t used the Naniwa for ages and straight away I was struck by how grippy the stone is when sliding the razor across it. It’s like you can feel it cutting. the final 5 laps were very light then I gave it 40 on linen and 50 on leather. The Naniwa is so easy to use, the whole job took less than 10 mins, probably closer to 5.
I found a hair of my girls and tried the HHT but couldn’t get it to make a single cut. Not worrying though as I’ve never had a ton of success with that test. I showered then lathered with Norse Sandalwood and Yaqi Silvertip.
First pull on the first pass was excellent, very crunchy and sharp as it flattened the miniature forrest on my cheek. Then atg was very noisy and gravelly but on the rinse extremely smooth. Next atg and it coped very well on my chin and top lip. Quick touch up pass then a cold rinse and a splash of Proraso Green. Brilliant shave and nice to have my Turner back on point.
Shave 492. I honed the Bengal near wedge today on my Naniwa 12k before this shave so this is my first on this edge. I gave it 10 laps under running water then a further 10 with as little pressure as I could which was easier said than done as the stone was gripping the razor. I tried the HHT and was pleasantly surprised at how well it it went.
I lathered up with the final bit of Tabac which I had left in the bottom of its jar and a Yaqi Silvertip.
I’d forgotten how good Tabac soap is, great performer.
The razor likes the stone just fine I got a brilliantly close easy shave, I even got a few smiles from the checkout girls at the supermarket.
Shave 494 and 3 on the slate edged Gold Dollar B. Lathered with TOBS Sandalwood and Yaqi Silvertip. The scent from that cream is really nice, it reminds me of being a kid somehow but I can’t remember how.
What a nice smooth edge this razor has. I completed a no nonsense quick four pass shave and got a great bbs shave to match my new haircut.
I had a splash of Proraso Red to finish and got a great post shave feel. My girl has ordered me some DR Harris Sandalwood aftershave for me for Father’s Day which I’m looking forward to trying.
Shave 496 and 11 on the Friodur. Lathered with Yaqi Silvertip and Tobs Sandalwood. 8235336B-C0E7-460E-A574-CAF048605730.jpeg
The shave went great, lovely lather, top shave. My Father’s Day present arrived early which was a bottle of DR Harris Sandalwood aftershave. After the shave I had a nice splash. It seems like really good stuff, felt great on my face and has a nice powdery post shave feel. Scent-wise I really like it. It’s got some quite smoky notes as well as a nice fresh manly scent.
Shave 497 and 2 on the Bengal near wedge with a Naniwa 12k edge. Lathered with TOBS Jermyn St and Yaqi Silvertip. B47A54E6-DE19-4619-90FC-DBE0C04A1A4F.jpeg
This little heavy 5/8ths near wedge is great atm. It’s easy to sharpen, it came with a JNat edge and I’ve since done it on films, Welsh slate, Naniwa 12k and each time the edge has been great, very sharp, very usable. It never feels as sharp as a full hollow on pass one but always catches up by passes 2 and especially 3 and 4.
Very nice shave today and another splash of the DR Harris Sandalwood to finish. Seems to give a brilliant post shave feel.
Shave 498 and 12 on the film edged Friodur, lathered with TOBS Jermyn St and Yaqi Silvertip. 05571CA5-DA18-4DF1-B0D9-CF9CF5FCDCAF.jpeg
Sunday morning shave, peace and quiet to myself. I have a 4 year old and a 5 month old, both girls so an hour of quiet is a rarity to say the least.
I stropped the razor and dunked the badger in a big mug of warm water on the sink and took a nice shower. Then I gave the brush a couple of shakes and loaded the brush in the tub. It’s taken a while but I know now just how much water to leave in the brush to get the lather just right. The badger feels great and dense on my face and it’s full of warm water and soapy lather . My razor felt sharp and heavy but well balanced as I mowed down my beard with a nice raspy pinging sound.
Picked up a vertical cut on pass two but otherwise the shave was pretty perfect. I had a nice splash of DR Harris Sandalwood aftershave which I like more and more with each use, it can’t be a coincidence that the last 3 shaves I’ve used it on have all left a perfectly smooth post shave feel.
Shave 499 and 4 on the slate edged Gold Dollar B, lathered with Speick shave stick and Yaqi Badger. FCE05828-FB4A-4D05-A9A6-C59318FCA02B.jpeg
Today’s shave felt very nice while I was doing it but here feeling my face 4 hours later I’ve left quite a few areas a touch rougher than usual. My top lip isn’t bbs and a few patches here and there around my chin and jaw are the same. I think the edge is fine but maybe I wasn’t concentrating like I should.
I’m still improving and learning new stretching techniques, I tried a few new ones today. It’s funny how the fear of the razor returns when you stray from your usual routine.
I had a nice splash of DR Harris Sandalwood to finish and got about a 90% shave.
Shave 500. I like these milestone shaves, it’s nice to look back on the road I’ve travelled.
My razors all have their good points. My Bengal near wedge is heavy and has a feel all of its own, my Suredge Is very hollow and has a square point which is great for the hollows of the neck and the corners of my mouth, my Gold Dollar A has a very very smooth Naniwa edge and my Gold Dollar B has a silky smooth Welsh slate edge. Both are a nice weight and size. My ELSINE is a great razor, has a film edge, a nice 7/8ths blade and shaves like a dream. My Thomas Turner & Co was my first ever straight and has a great gravelly voice.
But today for my 500th shave I chose my Henckels stainless steel Friodur. It’s a big heavy 7/8th blade, it’s honed to a fierce sharpness on films, it really comes alive on the strop and it’s in mint condition. If I had to throw all my razors away but one, I think this is the one I’d keep.
Soap wise I went with with TOBS Sandalwood as it’s a fine performer with a great scent plus I wanted to use a Sandalwood aftershave so needed something to compliment it.
Brush wise I chose the Yaqi Silvertip as it’s a great brush and most of my others are rubbish. E777B518-DDD2-4D1C-A187-A36A6CE9D68B.jpeg
I had a nice hot shower and washed with a bar of TOBS Jermyn Street bath soap then stood facing the mirror as I grabbed a finger full of soap from the tub and rubbed it into my beard. Beautiful old fashioned scent. I gave the badger a few shakes and started building up the lather on my face. It’s easy to lather TOBS creams, I’ve tried Eton College, Jermyn St, a Grapefruit sample and today’s Sandalwood and I think they’re all excellent for straights.
I’m 500 shaves in and I’m still making improvements to the shave. The areas I’m improving in with both hands are fine motor control, muscle memory, skin stretching, beard mapping, working my top lip, lather making, honing and repairs. Just when I think I’ve maxed an area out I learn more. I already get bbs shaves pretty much every morning and have been for over a year but the improvements I’m making allow me to get there a little easier with each little step forward. A bbs shave takes me 25 mins from start to finish, 20 if i don’t dilly dally though I can do it in 15 mins if I just do 3 passes.
For my honing I have just 3 abrasives, a Naniwa 12k synthetic stone, a 12k Welsh slate and a pack of lapping films of various grits. I’ve never needed anything else and could get by with the films alone if pushed. My strop is a 3 inch wide Winrose which cost me £25 but is a bit tatty now and could do with an upgrade. Today my 500th shave was very enjoyable and as usual I got great results.
Shave 502 and about 12 on the Gold Dollar A with Naniwa 12k edge lathered with TOBS Jermyn St and Yaqi Silvertip. E95EE185-5954-4E37-B14D-C7F668A8E574.jpeg
For the past couple of days I’ve used my r41 as I’ve had very little time in the mornings but today being a Saturday I had plenty of time and was happy to use a straight again.
I honed quite a few razors ages ago on the Naniwa and this Gold Dollar was the best edge I got with it. I remember giving it just 10 laps and here months later it’s still shaving beautifully. All my other razors have since been touched up on different abrasives but this one is still going.What a contrast today after using DE’s for the last 2 days. The difference in blade feel on the face is massive as is the quality of the shave. Today’s is pretty perfect, smooth close bbs everywhere, very soft. I had a splash of DR Harris to finish up. Today’s shave was very nice and put me in a good mood.
Shave 503 and 4 on the film honed ELSINE, lathered with Sterling Margaritas and Yaqi Badger.
a great Sunday morning shave. This edge is working beautifully I could feel the closeness on each pass like having my beard licked off by an angel with a steel tongue. A nice splash of aftershave and a great start to my Sunday.
Shave 504 and 5 on the slate edged Gold Dollar B. Lathered with Palmolive shave stick and a Yaqi Badger. The shave was mostly very good but I’ve got a patch or two of stubble here and there so decided to give the edge a refresh on the Welsh slate.
I gave it 60-70 lightening laps on the stone and worked on my honing technique. How best to tilt the stone in the hand to keep the edge flat to it as I slide the razor over it. I found as I ‘x’ towards myself then If I raise the end of the stone closest to me it helps. Same when I ‘x’ away I raise that far end. This seems to help me keep full contact with the stone. I then gave the razor 40 laps on linen and about 150 on leather. Looking forward to seeing how it shaves tomorrow as I’ve found these edges when done well to give brilliant comfortable shaves.
Shave 507 and about 5 on the film edged Suredge lathered with Norse Sandalwood soap and Yaqi Badger. DA278DFF-3D68-4FA7-9B80-57881FB1BAD1.jpeg
I definitely got the edge right on this light little razor it’s just a dream to shave with helped along by the fine lather I got from the Norse Sandalwood soap. I face lathered it with a touch more water than usual and it really seemed to suit.
Every pass felt good with the razor like a young puppy eager as anything. I slipped and the razor stuck into my fingernail as though it was made of putty, lucky me this time because I think if it would’ve hit my finger like that then it would definitely need a couple of stitches. Great shave otherwise.
Shave 509 and about 5/6 on the ELSINE face lathered with TOBS Sandalwood and Yaqi Badger. 258787EB-5C3E-4A85-A85D-826E4B2484D3.jpeg
You can’t go wrong with Taylor’s, all that history those boys know what they’re doing.
Great shave today from the ELSINE such a brilliant razor for me, seems to hug my face. I don’t know what it was but I felt I improved on my shaving today.
When it comes to honing, I maintain my own razors and keep them very sharp but I’d say I am yet to really master technique. I can take a razor from flat blunt to bbs shave ready, repair chips and can use the small range of abrasives I have, but really feeling comfortable on the stones and getting a feeling for finding a really outstanding edge is still a way off. With this in mind and with a free hour this afternoon I thought I’d try to put the sharpest possible edge I could on my Thomas Turner using my Welsh slate stone.
I’ve never used a slurry before but I watched a fella on YouTube making one with little blocks of Japanese natural stones so thought I’d give it a go.
I wet the stones and rubbed them together for a few mins until I made a decent slurry then started my X strokes. As usual on this little stone and 5/8ths razor it felt difficult to keep everything flat and working together but I put out of my head any thoughts of lap number etc I would just keep going until it all felt right. So I did some X strokes, did a few circles, more x strokes working on my technique when 10 mins in I suddenly noticed the razor begin to grip to the stone during each pass. I stayed with it, letting the little vacuum effect Keep the blade and
spine flat for me. Every now and then I’d spray a little water to try to keep the slurry from getting too thick but not really diluting it. After a while of this I decided to start to dilute the slurry as I went and then finally did some extremely light passes with just clear water. I stropped the razor lightly on linen then leather. I probably spent 30mins on the stone and felt like it was some very worthwhile practice.
I’m looking forward to trying the razor tomorrow to see how it’s all gone.
Shave 510 and 1 on the Turner & Co with a new Welsh slate edge. Lathered with TOBS Jermyn St cream and Yaqi Badger. 9E4436A1-0D31-4433-B481-82FA184F72C1.jpeg
I had high hopes for this razor today, and while I was using it it felt nice and smooth but either I haven’t done the best shave or I haven’t done the best job honing it as there’s a few patches here and there which are far from BBS. I either shave with it again tomorrow and see how that goes or I take it back to the stone.
Shave 511 and 2 on the slate edged Turner & Co lathered with BodyShop Maca Root cream and Yaqi Badger.
I got a much better shave from this razor today, very smooth very comfortable but it could definitely use a little longer on the Welsh slate to make it perfect.
Shave 512 and 14 on the film edged Friodur, lathered with Sterling margaritas and Yaqi brush.
Love the Friodur, it’s still running super sharp and smooth and I really like the consistency of that Sterling soap the razor skims nicely through it and today’s shave was brilliant.