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C & E Almond, and Caswell Massey in TJ Maxx

I was just at the TJ Maxx a few hours ago, and figured I would pass along what the associate told me.

She said, Regionally, they had been receiving lots of C&E stuff including bath soaps,and some shaving stuff, such as the Sweet Almond Oil Shaving Cream. She also said that they were receiving a lot of the Caswell Massey Talc, and soaps lately.

I picked up 2 tubs of C&E Almond for 6.99 each, and 9 Caswell Massey Soaps for 4.99 for a set of 3.

Pretty good deals I figured I'd pass on.
I'm in West Virginia, Near Pittsburgh. They also had it at the Lexington, KY TJ Maxx's and in Charleston, WV. I think its regional in this area, but I'll ask my buddy in Pittsburgh tomorrow.
Thank you rvbert0! Chefchris and myself have been checking our local TJMaxx forever it seems like for the C&E almond. I found 2 tubs today, $7.99 each. :thumbup:
Glad you found some... I gave the girl my number, told her I'd pay her some $ if she'd put some aside for me when they come in stock. At worst I figure I could sell them on B&B if I get too many.
Sweeeeeet.... I just boogied down to the local 'Maxx and found 3 jars of C&E Sweet Almond shave cream. Thanks Rvbert! :thumbup1:

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