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Butterfly Safety Razor

I want to purchase a Butterfly Safety Razor. Any suggestions?
Weishi sells a mock super speed that is inexpensive and works well! It's super mild so if you have a heavy beard, it might not be for you.

Nothing's wrong with the classics though!
brand new razors with butterfly doors, only Parker and Wishi come to mind
vintage brings up many more choices with adjustable Gillettes as my top choice
i would call a nice Slim a good one that's not too hard to find
expect tp pay a premium for very nice ones
I like my Feather Popular. Less than $20 and good quality. Not a huge investment if you don't like it.

It's not as nice as my Merkur 37C slant or my Progress but a damn fine shaving razor just the same.
British Aristocrat #15 if you like open comb or #16 if you like solid guard bar.

Or of course you could get the one in your avatar :)

[seriously guys - look at the pic he has in his avatar - will he really be happy with a SuperSpeed or even a Slim?]
If money is no object, a vintage Gillette Adjustable would be a great option.

A vintage Gillette Super Speed would also be a very nice find.

Modern - a Weishi would be a very cheap way to get into the game. I haven't tried these, or Super Speeds.
If you want new and inexpensive, Cadet TTOs are very cheap but reasonably well made. Check them out at Shaveabuck. (Warning: they are somewhat aggressive.)
I have only been back to DE shaving after decades of cartridge shaving - started with a Jagger DB89L. I then added a Merkur 38c. Then I decided I wanted to add a butterfly razor. Thought about a vintage, but could only find them on Ebay and didn't want to gamble right now (and/or do massive amounts of research). So I ordered a Parker 92R over the weekend. Will report back as soon as I receive it and complete my first shave. Will probably start with a Red Personna in it.