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Brushes shedding in storage

I had kept a few brushes inside of their boxes in my bedroom closet for storage. I took some out to revisit them and noticed a bunch of hairs were falling out. These brushes were put away perfectly dry. One brush was a cheap Stirling was shedding hairs like crazy- that one was just wrapped in tissue paper with no box. The box was kept on carpet in a dark closet for a few months. I wonder if there is some really hard to see carpet bug that is destroying the hairs? I had 2 brushes in a well sealed tube and they were perfect. It would seem something is eating the hair but I cannot see what it is with my eyes.


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That's scary!

When I have knots that fail in handles I don't care about, I usually cut them in half to see if I can figure out what happened. If you want to save the handle, you could pull the knot and just cut it in half.

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I have a Stirling brush that seemed to have the most damage. Whatever it is was feeding on the hairs deep inside the brush because the whole hairs were coming out of the knot. The Stirling was just wrapped in paper with no box. The ones in their boxes had some minor damage but not too bad. Thinking it has to be some carpet mites.
Hope we get some prevention of damage ideas.

Know Razor Empourium sells plastic Brush Storage Tubes that are vented for air circulation.
The Simpson or Epsilon tubes work really well, not just for travel.
My Out-of-Rotation brushes are kept in plastic tackle boxes, either Flambeau or Plano.

They have been fine so far for 2+ years
I only have a small rotation of 10 brushes so I don't store away any brushes however, every 6 months, I do give my natural hair brushes a soak in citric acid water to remove the build-up of soap scum deep inside the knot because I've found this to be the biggest culprit of causing shedding.

If there's soap scum at the base and the brush is then stored away, I can imagine it may cause a problem.
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