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Brush Acquisition Thread


That brush is probably worth more than my car.
I thought the same but they are ONLY a couple hundred bucks. I have heard nothing but good things about them though. And they look amazing. 👍
Thank you both. Retail on the SV brush is $260. The pics do not do it justice. Looks and feels incredible.

Good thing my Lovely Bride (35 years and counting) still thinks I am worth it. ;)
More vintage. Opal 10. This is a hefty one, 55mm x 38mm, 24mm knot. It desperately needs a new knot.
From the archived 'OSSB' site:
"Opal Shaving Brush Inc. was originally called Pal Shaving Brush Company and was founded in 1948 in New York City. In order to avoid confusion with Pal razor blades it was renamed Opal Shaving Brush Company in 1957 and was active until 1973 when the founder, Adolf Schneider, passed away. Opal was pronounced O-pal."
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