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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by rockero, Nov 22, 2015.

    Post all your recent shaving brush acquisitions. Pictures highly welcomed.
  1. I visited West Coast Shaving yesterday and I picked the B&B 10th anniversary brush and a matching Merkur Futur Silvertip brush


  2. What happened? No one is using this thread? Ok. Here’s my two most recent brush acquisitions.

  3. IMG_20180123_091309.jpg Today my Mondial Boar Brush arrived. What a beauty, I'm actually stunned. Noticed while jumpstarting the break in how awesome the brush feels already. Highly anticipate the first use of the brush!

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  4. IMG_20180120_010241_858.jpg 20180120_005503.jpg
    Wife found it at an antique show. Never been used from what i can tell.
  5. Kurtis

    Kurtis Contributor

    @Anick, that's a beautiful brush. Love to see these vintage brushes in pristine condition.
  6. After joining the web site I realized that my 30 yr old C40 needs to be refurbished. So off I went to Ebay and found this gem. I don't think it's been used but if it has the former owner took great care with it. Not bad for $16.50 inc. shipping.

    Here it is
    WP_20180125_002.jpg WP_20180125_003.jpg WP_20180125_004.jpg
  7. IMG_0323.JPG Visited my old friends at Pasteur Pharmacy yesterday and picked up the little inexpensive gem of an Omega. Already started to bloom. For the first time in 25 years I had a splendid Proraso red lather evenly applied with no quills on my face!
  8. My Wolf Whiskers brush was finished today. Can't wait to get it in my den!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. I just got my first Semogue Boar Brush. It's a 1305 Superior Boar Bristle. I used it today, and it's a damn fine brush, especially considering the price.
  10. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    You know what they say... "pics or it didn't happen!" :wink2:
    It's hard to drool over text only. :001_huh:

    upload_2018-2-1_0-35-42.png :letterk1: :laugh:
  11. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    Would you mind naming these beauties?

    Happy shaves,

  12. Happily. They are both Razorock brushes. The tall one is their 400 with noir knot. The short fat squat one is their Beehive. It’s a beast and bigger than the Monster. Both synthetic.
  13. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor


    Happy shaves,

  14. [​IMG]

    I’ve been on a big declaration kick lately and the majority of the brushes I have received recently have been Declaration or declaration knotted custom brushes.

    Just need a couple more of the older brushes to complete my collection!

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  15. IMG_3135.JPG
    Went brush crazy last few weeks. Tried out some inexpensive ones.
    RaZorock Monster,Fendrihan Black and White,Parker Best Badger, Parker Silvertip Badger,Omega S Brush, and a Vie Long Horse.

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  16. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor


    MS 30 mm fan silvertip, new but washed and bloomed. Yaqi 24 mm two-band fan, new, never wet.
  17. How soft are the hairs on the MS? I have one on order. What does it compare to, to you? Was the funk bad? How long did it take to come in? Sorry for all the questions. I'm kinda anexious.
  18. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    Delivery was 15 days after my order was place. Very soft. No funky smell at all. I've not used it yet, so I'll know more when I do. All I have done is wash it with hand soap twice and let it alone to dry.

    I like it, but I'll have to use it to see how much, or how it compares.

    Happy shaves,

  19. Mine is the two band finest. I believe it's either a bulb or hybrid. If I like it I plan on ordering a couple of others (different ones) that they sell. Thanks for the info.

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