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Mondial Synthetic brush comparison?

Im looking to upgrade to a high quality synthetic. I'm currently using a RR synthetic and a Semogue Boar. They are both good but Im looking for a step up. Ive read enough to convince me the newer synthetics are on par with Badger. I've seen Muhle STF ss a great choice but Im seeing Mondial has some really stunning brushes. Anyone have any input on Mondial synthetics? Heritage Collection Shaving Brushes with EcoSilvertip Synthetic Knot - https://mondial1908.us/collections/heritage-collection-shaving-brushes-with-ecosilvertip-synthetic-knot
over a 100usd (close to 150) for a 20mm STF? a bit pricey if you ask me. There are plenty of well know brushes for a fraction of the price, even from Mühle. Or if you are in the US, get the real deal (with a custom made handle) from Rudy Vey.
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