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British Hall - great new vendor with discounts

I came across this new vendor and have been dealing with them for a month or so now, and have placed several orders all of which were promptly delivered. :thumbup:

They strive to offer the best of British goods at a fair price and great service. All my orders have been complete with great customer service and a great price. Several other members from the UK have ordered with the same results.

Discounts will be offered between 15% and 30% depending on value. Dont be put off by the lack of website, it will be up soon!

Basically, repeat customers will get great discounts. Oh, and for a short time they are offering 50% of the first order per customer. Cant be beat..... :thumbup:

I would like to say i am in no way connected or affiliated with the company, I just stumbled upon them and thought i would bring you guys the opportunity to receive the same service and discounts i have received so far.

If you do get in touch, let them know me (Nick) recommended them. I dont get anything out of it, they just like to know how people get to know them.

Contact Details:
email: [email protected]
Ask for Peter

Below is a link to the price list.
British Hall Price List

Below is a bit about the company:

British Hall is a unique company in that we aim to offer a wide and ever expanding range of quintessentially British products, products of the highest quality at a reasonable price. Currently we specialise in the areas in which Britain has always held a reputation for excellence, primarily men's grooming and leather products. Companies which we work with all share the same high standards and are meticulous in their production methods, all of which take place in Britain using only the highest quality ingredients. Leather companies like Swaine Adeney Brigg require their employees to be trained for 5 years in order to work in their factory, they boast the combined experience of over 400 years among their staff. This care and attention taken over every aspect of the products which we offer has earned the Royal Warrants held by most of the companies with whom we work, it also allows us to say without a shadow of a doubt that when you buy from British Hall you really are buying the best.
As our website is currently in development we are happy to offer you a 15 to 30% discount on all our range products from our exquisite bridle hide wallets to the hand crafted scents of Floris and D.R.Harris. The percentage discount will be determined by expenditure. As our website comes on-line in the next 10 days there will be a subscription service whereby this discount will be maintainable for all repeat customers. As well as this we will keep you up to date with new product ranges, as well as the functions, events and offers available to all British Hall clients
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I have also ordered from this vendor and have no affiliation with them.Great price for my Rooney brush and prompt comms/delivery :thumbup:
Definitely worth supporting IMO.
I'm really interested in the Floris Vetiver so if the price (and shopping to Oz) is right then I'm on board.

Already have the Floris Santal Extreme and Malmaison - boy are they great stayers.:w00t:
Can they ship EDT to the States??? Thought there were rules about that.

In all my excitement about 50% Vetiver I didnt realize that until after. However - they did get back to me and said they were in a move and would get me a price as soon as possible. Havent heard back yet though.
In all my excitement about 50% Vetiver I didnt realize that until after. However - they did get back to me and said they were in a move and would get me a price as soon as possible. Havent heard back yet though.
I also got an e-mail stating they were moving and I would hear within 48 hours back from them with final pricing and shipping cost quotation, still waiting for this e-mail....
I got a mess of T&H Limes products at a monster discount shipped to an APO address. The bottle of aftershave opened in transit and more than half was spilled out. I contacted Peter and he immediately shipped a replacement bottle. They appear to be an upstart company focused on customer service. I'll soon be placing another order through Peter and British Hall for JulArlington!
Where are the Rooneys? Can't seem to find any..

The price list is a work-in-progress - when I bought my brush, Peter did say something like "I think that might be the last until we're moved" - give them a chance, I think the UK guys might have overwhelmed them in the last few weeks :smile:
I'm still waiting on a response to my e mail to these guys on 11 June about the Vetiver. Can't wait to hear about the pricing:cool:
They got back to me within 3 days. I was pleased with the pricing for a first order: 50% off. But then I was shocked when I saw the charge for shipping and packing (as they call it P+P) 26 Pounds alone shipping for four tubs of cream and a cologne. This broke the deal for me, calculating the shipping in, the savings were real minute compared to the prices I would pay here in the US.
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