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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Twelvefret, Sep 16, 2018.

    Could I just load, scrub a surface, and rinse 20 times to break in. I am considering a Semogue 2000, but I don't want to have to attempt to shave with it 20 times,
  1. TexLaw

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    You could do something like a hand lather. Some will do one or two hand lathers. The first few lathers often make a larger difference than the ones that follow.

    However, I don't think you'll find the new brush all that unpleasant, especially a Semogue 2000. You might just want to give it a try.
  2. Thank you. Any thoughts about the Semogue 1305?
  3. TexLaw

    TexLaw Contributor

    I've never used one, but I would expect the shorter loft to keep it a bit stiffer than the 2000.
  4. Thank you. I have a synthetic with longer loft and one with lesser. I think the Semogue 1305 might be the ticket to my first natural.
  5. New brush day, Semogue 1305.:)
  6. Soak the bristles in a mug of water. Then leave it in the fridge for 3 days. It'll make it soft enough for use even if it's not fully broken in. Using it without soaking might result in brush burn like it did to me.
  7. Thank you. When is arrives I will follow your wisdom. How long does the initial soak need to be?
  8. I do a 10 minute soak followed by palm lathering and drying then repeat.
    As it dries you can use your arm or a towel as a strop and that will soften it up.
  9. Excellent and thank you.
  10. TexLaw

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    I think I did 1 palm lather with my Omega Pro 49 and let it dry overnight. I'm not sure I've even done that much with my other boars (just one soak and let them dry).

    Hairs start splitting on the first try.
  11. Perfect and thank you.
  12. The general wisdom is that complete drying between uses speeds up the break in, so the initial 20 times is a no go.

    Truthfully, most boar brushes are not that unpleasant from the start. It will continue to improve with time. Enjoy it.
  13. Thank you and good to know.
  14. I let it break in through normal use. Used to go through the hassle before, but realized it wasn't really worth it or some of the methods I've heard others suggesting.
  15. Okay and thank you. It will be here Tuesday. I hope it works as good as it looks.
  16. lancre

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    Every Semogue or Omega I've had has given me good, comfortable shaves starting on Day 1 and just got better from there. They required a little more work to build a lather for the first few shaves, but even that wasn't bad. Just use it.
  17. I have a ton of boars - what I do with a new one is - first 3 nights - I lather it with shampoo or bath soap and leave it all night wet full of the soap lather - in the morning rinse it off - than for 2 weeks I lather it every night with shampoo or bath soap and than dry it with a towel - after 20 days of we/later/dry cycles every night with bath soap it will have lots of split ends, no funk at all and it will be soft - than it will continue to get softer and better every time u use it- I find it fun breaking in these brushes
  18. shave/brush

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    I find with every Omega or Semogue brush I have owned I just lather it one time for break-in and let it dry completely and you will see the ends will start to split. As others have said, it's not really that bad after the first wet/dry cycle.
    Just use it and enjoy it.
  19. +2.
    I avoided boars but when I finally got a couple, no "breaking in" was necessary. The brushes were comfortable from the beginning. After a month, both were softer, and they've continued to improve, but they were perfectly usable on day one.

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