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Blade journey

Late post for my Saturday morning shave with the setup below TV commercial. Rating 10/10.
  • Razor/Blade: early 1970s Wilkinson Bonded Cartridge system w/NOS English single, bonded blade Wilkinson cartridge
  • Brush: Semogue Owner's Club Mistura Taj (my favorite)
  • Pre-shave: Noxzema
  • Soap: Stirling Spice (excellent)
  • Post shave: Thayer's Witch Hazel followed by 1965 Old Spice splash and Stirling Spice balm (superb)

I don't have much to say other than this single-blade cartridge provided a flawless shave again on its second use. Just before I started this log for the PIF'd Blade Journey, I shaved with this razor for the first time, and I was floored by how wonderfully it shaved. That post, in which I described the shave as a "Spinal Tap 11/10" is found HERE. This razor provides almost no blade feel, and it weighs almost nothing, so it doesn't have much "charm." But, damn, does it shave the hell out of my beard without even the slightest bit of irritation. I suppose the angular 1970s design aesthetic has some charm; almost DeLoreanesque. From other posts on B&B, it seems that these bonded-blade cartridges last a really long time too. I have about 20 of them, so, that is probably a lifetime supply for me given all my other gear.
Monday morning shave (rated 9.8/10) using:
  • Razor: Lambda Athena No. 22-234
  • Blade: BIC Chrome Platinum (1)
  • Brush: WCS Silvertip badger (overstuffed pillowy softness)
  • Pre-shave: Proraso Rinfrescante
  • Soap: D.R. Harris Marlborough stick (excellent)
  • Post shave: Thayer's Witch Hazel followed by 1965 Old Spice splash and Stirling Spice balm (superb)

I thought it was about time that I used a Greek blade with my Greek goddess Athena. The first pass WTG was buttery smooth as if no blade was in the razor and yielded very good efficiency. The second pass ATG virtually finished the job with very slight irritation near the corners of my mouth from lack of care on my part, which dinged the “irritation” score a titch. Minor touch ups finished the BBS job.

I revisited my D.R. Harris stick soap and my WCS Silvertip Badger brush. Both performed wonderfully. The stick applies easily and lathers quickly. The brush feels like an overstuffed pillow to me. My concerns that putting the lather where I want it with this overstuffed pillow would be hard, it isn’t. The brush does seem to want to keep the lather to itself though.

My Blade Journey log is found HERE.

Wednesday morning shave with the setup below (rated 9.5/10).
  • Razor: 1935-38 Schick E2 injector with swing-open spring head
  • Blade: vintage Personna super stainless injector (3)
  • Brush: Semogue Owner’s Club Mistura Taj (my favorite)
  • Pre-shave: Proraso Rinfrescante
  • Soap: Arko (superb)
  • Post shave: Thayer's Witch Hazel followed by vintage 1965 Old Spice splash and Stirling Spice balm (my favorites)

I love these early Schick injector razors, and this particular one is my favorite because the spring swings open to allow full access to clean the inside of the razor. I also really like the toffee-colored handle on this razor. The link above is to my first shave with the razor and blade and has additional photos.

Even on its third shave, this super sharp blade is incredibly close and comfortable but with some noticeable weepers on my chin and neck that closed up soon after finishing the shave. I could not feel these weepers at all as they happened, so I can only guess that the blade is just so sharp and the exposure is great enough to cause them without any pain. I had no lasting irritation from the weepers but, I dinged it a couple points on the irritation scale anyway.

My Blade Journey log is found HERE.

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