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Removing/cleaning/replacing the blade daily increases the risk of cuts to the individual, and the risk of damaging the blade edge.
If you're ok with those risks, have at it!
That's an interesting perspective, but I regularly get several weeks of shaves from blades before they stop performing satisfactorily; so, I believe blade maintenance is more likely to extend its life rather than damage it.

As far as cuts are concerned, my experience is that I'm more likely to cut myself when unwrapping a new blade rather than when cleaning a current blade. Extending blade life means I end up opening blades less frequently, risking cuts less often.

My other concern is that a dirty blade is more likely to contain a growth medium for bacteria, unless you are disinfecting the blade in situ after each shave. A dirty, infected blade is more likely to cause problems if you nick or scrape yourself while shaving.

As with many things in life, you need to balance your risks;
you pay your money, and you make your choices.
I've been shaving with it since June 2018 it's my first razor, after use I rinse it with hot water and disassemble and dry it with a bath towel, I reassemble it. This shim dates from 2018 too, to show that with care it doesn't rust.

The model of this razor is a Super Gillette Blue made in China.





I was just letting my razors air dry after taking the blade out when I first started wet shaving just under two years ago, but since I recently bought a Blackland Vector (first expensive razor I've had), I've now started rinsing the razor first with a tiny bit of liquid soap, and then taking it apart and drying it all up. I then leave it disassembled until it's fully dry and reassemble it later on. I have pretty hard water were I live, so I think it might be necessary. I asked Blackland, and that is what they advised to take care of it.

I also don't know if it's due to the hard water, but after a while maybe 3-5 months (If the razor has been used a lot in that time - If the razor hasn't been used much, it doesn't happen as quickly/easily), I get a layer of shaving soap scum stuck on it. Is the only way to get this off scrubbing it with a tooth brush? Is there any other methods that are easier and are safe/won't damage the razor to get it off? I was thinking of an ultrasonic cleaner, however, it that might not be good for plated razors, but only good for solid razors.

As for the Blades, I sort of started taking them out early on in my wet shaving journey after each shave, as I find some of them tend to rust if I leave them in the razor, so I just take them out to avoid rust spots/stains on the razor. I'll still put that same blade back in for another shave or two if it's still sharp enough.
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