Blackland Sabre Arrived

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    Pics and reviews to follow. I had my first shave with it this morning. I'm still BBS and it was a very smooth shave. I chose the level 2. I changed the handle out for my UFO as the factory one looked way too smooth and I didn't want to drop anything. It's not as nimble as the vector but it is as effective. I did not use a new blade FWIW, the one I used had 2 shaves on it or so.
  1. Looking forward to your pics and review. Been thinking about a purchase myself.
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    Looking forward to the review.
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    Review after my second shave tomorrow
  4. All of them, literally.
  5. Ha! And so you needed the Sabre!
    I've not had fun with my only gem razor, a 1912, and am considering trying a modern razor. The other Blackland razors all seem to be well liked. Watching.
  6. I have 6 gem razors and the total cost is about 80 usd. The Sabre should be really compete with its two plates against used Gem razors. I don't know if a 1912 design could be improved further.

    I like that there is a modern offering though.
  7. Not all 1912's are equal! Some have more blade exposure than others...
  8. So my thoughts after a couple of shaves. I really like it. It's definitely a keeper. It provides the same BBS shave at the end of the day that I get with the MMOC, MMCP or G bar. I am not an OC Fan so the MMOC probably gets the least love. It tents to grab things like my goatee and mustache. The Sabre is as smooth as the Gbar, which IMHO is the smoothest of the three. It is as efficient as the MMOC though. The current blade is getting a little tired, but I suspect i could do two passes with a newer blade and call it a day. 3 passes leaves me BBS for 12+ hours. I absolutely love the feel of it with the UFO Handle. The handle it comes with is SLIPPERY when soapy. That's really the only knock against it I can make. I would have bought just the head if I could have, but they didn't have it available in polished at the time. I keep looking at my DEs and thinking to myself, Why am i keeping them? I know I better tho, because I'll get the stupid bug to try them if I do not have them.
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  9. Great thoughts! Thank you. I'm curious if you've ever tried the ATT gem holder?
  10. I have not as I read it was not very efficient.
  11. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the Sabre!

    Side note: I'm not quite sure why there's ongoing skepticism about modern GEM razors that doesn't seem to exist for modern DEs.
  12. Because people are people. I used it all week, and it was great. I have moderns and vintage but this one is my favorite Gem. I'm going to use my Clog Pruf tomorrow just to get a comparison. The balance point on the head is very simliar to the vintage Gems, unlike the Starling, which is just way different.
  13. I can't say for others, but for me it's from a very limited exposure to vintage gems that I've not been able to get a comfortable shave with. So it's no sweat with those $15 investments. But $185usd makes me pause. It's helpful to read of others experiences with both.
  14. The Sabre is as good as any razor gets. The originals GEMs are great too, like a 67 vette. Fun for a spin every once in a while, but the modern incarnation is far superior. IMHO, the Sabre doesn’t get the love it deserves.
  15. I think the scepticism is due to the high quality vintage gem razors which are very much available in the bay. You can have a nice collection of gem used razors for 180 usd.

    I am sure that Sabre is a great addition and I like there is a modern offer . Even though I have not tried it, in my perception it covers the niche of those users who can afford it and loves to use a Gem blade in a fresh razor.

    I admit that if I had cash to burn, I would love to try the vector razor as it is something unique.
  16. This doesn’t address the discrepancy between DE and GEM. There are many wonderful vintage DEs, too. To be sure plenty of people feel that modern DEs are stupid. But for some reason GEMs get much more heat when compared to vintage and I don’t understand the difference. You can browse a Blackbird thread and you won’t see people saying “I don’t see how you could improve on the Tech”. Modern DEs have a much higher acceptance.
  17. You have a point.
    Probably because there is a large numer of modern De razors and people are familiar with the modern De offerings.

    As far as I have read, there are only 2 or 3 modern GEM razors. This is why they get more critical attention too. I would say to use the feedback for good. Maybe an economical offering? :)
  18. I took my old vette for a test spin today. The main different for me between the Sabre and the MMCP is the feedback from the Alum and AS. Both razors get me the results I am after. The Sabre doesn't make me pay for it as bad. Same blade, mind you, in back to back days. I know I can make the MMCP not burn afterwards, but to use the old car analogy again, it's a lot easier to put a modern car through the paces on the track than an old one. The Sabre give me the results I want with much less effort. I'm going to give them all a run on the track, but I'm only going to keep the ones that don't burn my face afterwards

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