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Razors for Sale ( Blackland Vector/Sabre, Edwin Jagger DE, Feather Artist DX)


I'm looking to sell a few of my razors that I rarely use.

Prices as follows:

Blackland Vector - $180 (UPS ground shipping included)
Blackland Sabre (level 2 plate) - $180 (UPS ground shipping included)
Feather Club Artist DX wood handle - $150 (UPS ground shipping included)
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Barley DE Closed Comb - $100 (UPS ground shipping included)

I can provide additional photos upon request.
Dropping prices for remaining razors as follows:

Blackland Vector machined - $160 shipped
Blackand Sabre - $150 shipped
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Barley $75 shipped
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