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    Does anyone have any experience with this razor? I heard about it a couple days ago and thinking about sticking it on my wish list. But before that, just wanted to hear about peoples experience with it
  1. I have one in Polished and one in Black Oxide.

    I like it a lot, it spent some time as my daily driver for a couple of months last year.

    It has a pretty wide range of angles that will work, and an interesting blade feel. I got some really great shaves out of it. For a while there I was feeling that I couldn't cut myself with it if I wanted to...

    But of course, as with all things shaving, YMMV...

    I'm sure that there will be a lot of others who will be giving you feedback.
  2. BradWorld

    BradWorld Contributor

    Great razor. I have the black one. Long handle. I also purchased the open comb base plate when it was released. Its a great razor. Awesome build quality. Close shaves.
  3. I have the short handle (30mm - no longer available?) black oxide Blackbird, with both the SB & OC plates. I love the shave I get with the SB plate, which for me feels like a GEM bladed SE in use. It provides a unique shaving experience, the head has a sort of suction effect during the strokes.

    The OC plate, I just don't get on with. It's like a more aggressive & much rougher shaving version of the ATT H2, which is currently my daily driver.

    If I was buying again, I think I would get the polished SB version. The oxide version really shows up any soap residue & though the coating does not flake, it does wear off, particularly on the corners of the base plate.
  4. BradWorld

    BradWorld Contributor

    Agree with this assessment on the Black oxide. However, it makes the razor look like something Darth Vader would use... if he had hair... or a face... The open comb version looks like a medieval weapon or something. Definitely one of the coolest looking black razors.
  5. I have the matte finished SB version of the BB. I absolutely love the feeling of this razor and I get great shaves with it. For me, I can get a BBS in 2 with the grain passes and a clean up.
  6. Definitely well regarded around these parts!
  7. Well that sells me!! I also do like the SR-71 inspired look, and being an aviation nerd, it's pretty awesome

    Excellent, well when i have a little more money to burn I'm gonna get a short handled, Black oxide, SB. Just gotta see when there are back in stock.

    I'm an Astra SP blade guy, so hoping performance of the blade doesn't degrade in this razor.
  8. BradWorld

    BradWorld Contributor

    I use an Astra SP in mine. I have no issues with that combo.
  9. For me, that's what it feels like on my face!
  10. BradWorld

    BradWorld Contributor

    Yeah, its a little rough, but I get good shaves from it. Not my favorite. The solid base plate is a lot smoother. :)
  11. My Blackbird finally arrived
    Shane, thank you![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. HI Freelancer: How are you liking your shaves with the Blackbird OC?

  13. This is a great razor !!!
    I adore shaving with her.
    Now I have three top razors.
    BBS-1, Blackbird and Wolfman
  14. Looks like an awesome razor. Reviews are solid. Wish they made a stand. My OCD tendencies like the matching stands! Oh well, I'd try one out anyway. Signed up for the newsletter for alerts about new stock.
  15. Does anyone know if this company is planning to continue selling razors? On their website everything is "sold out". No option to put something on backorder or a waiting list?
  16. nvpliers

    nvpliers Contributor

    From poking around, it is my understanding that he will, and soon. Plus, I believe he will not do pre-orders this time. Just direct orders as supplies allow.
  17. Standard razors should be available soon. The black oxide and polished razors will follow afterward.
  18. I have the Polished with OC & SB. Great looking and both provides a great shave. I like the look of the OC but I think the SB feels a bit smoother. I do not notice any difference in the quality of either shave. The feeling is a bit unique and you will probably play a bit with the angle to dial it in for your liking. I think the design is very cool and it is not overly expensive compared to many other SS razors, making it a good value.
  19. For almost two weeks I've been shaving with Blackbird. Awesome shave !!!
    I really like how this razor works!
    Correct angle is fast and intuitive.
    If the angle is not correct, then the razor just does not shave.
    I also like the interesting sound produced by this razor during shaving.
    Well, the razor itself is made amazing!
    Thank you again, Shane!

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