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Black Demon

What do I have here?? - I bought it you know where just because my son had two of them - I know serveral manufacturers made "Black Demons" This was listed for over 2,000.00 for a while but obviously a typo because today I bought it for 24.99. This is my only straight and is it worth sending to someone to sharpen for me and for me to spend a little money on strops etc.??

Look down two posts for pictures - I had thumbnnails and BlackDemon made them larger - thanks Demon!! You look familiar do I know you??


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Here's a larger collection of images of your razor pulled from ebay auction listing here:

(I am said son of greatbolo, who picked his username based on the razor in question)

Your stampings are different from both of mine. I haven't seen this version of a Black Demon after a year and a half or so of looking for them on eBay.


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Compare that razor to the one I have (it's new to me, haven't done anything to it since it arrived).
I have another on the way and will take pics of that when it arrives.


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