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Birthday Time!

Congrats you made it another year... :tongue_sm

Hope the weather is as good as it is here sun is shining like there is no tommorow soon I will need the Airco.
Hey everyone, thanks for the birthday wishes!

My shave yesterday was a simple one, but great for its simplicity. I wound up shaving at the GF's before church and forgot to bring any creams! :eek: The good news is that I had a bar of glycerine soap that I'd made a while back with some of those make-your-own-soap melting cubes and some color and scent. The thing lathered up like nobody's business, and I got a GREAT shave! :thumbup1:

The day was a good one in other ways, too--brunch at the Cheesecake Factory, some wine shopping, phone calls from family, and finally DVDs until late with said GF. Relaxing and rewarding.

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