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Ok - I received a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday. I'm pretty excited about it, but was curious if anyone here had good tips/tricks for maximizing it's use. A couple of specific questions I had:

1) Suggestions for a case. I think I'd like one with a cover so that while I travel, the screen is protected. But other experiences/suggestions are welcome. The Amazon branded ones are much pricier than 3rd parties - but is there a solid reason for that?
2) Screen Protector. I always get one for my cell phones - but they also are in pockets all day long. Thoughts on getting a similar protector for the Kindle. Does it reduce the response time at all?
4) Best way to add/find "free" books for the Kindle? I already added War of the Worlds and 1984 after finding them free, but it was difficult navigating through all the Kindle Unlimited options to find truly "free" books. I think many are "indie" authors, which I'm ok with as well.
5) Anything I'm missing.

Thanks for your feedback!
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Just a word of warning here - we're not going to discuss how to bootleg software or hack a company's protection systems.
There are PLENTY of free books out there if you look, and we won't be supporting any conversations on how to bypass a lending lockout.

Calibre is open source e-book management software and supports searching and loading free books as well.
Thanks - I'm definitely not interested in bootleg or hacking systems with this. I keep forgetting about Project Gutenberg. I'll need to try that to see how well it works.
There is a phone/tablet app called “Libby.” It connects to your public library and allows you to borrow ebooks. Libby allows you to open in a Kindle app which then syncs to your Kindle device. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

The Kindle cover from Amazon isn’t quality but it does the job. I haven’t in 8 months or so found any need for a screen protector.


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Get the cover designed for your device. It will properly turn off the screen and maximize battery life.

No screen protector. That will, I think, negate the device’s ability to be used in bright sunlight.

Kindle Unlimited may be of use to you (it wasn’t for me). You can also ask a friend to add you to their account so you can access their library. Also, check to see if your local library has an e-book program. You essentially check books out just like you do print versions, except you do it remotely. There is a time limit to read them or they take them back.

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1. As stated above, the one designed for your Kindle is probably best. But I've used the $10-15 ones from Amazon and they're fine.
2. Not necessary.
3. Your local library! The program is usually called Overdrive, but there are others. I almost exclusively get books for my Kindle from my library.
4. When not downloading books, keep it in airplane mode to maximize battery life.
1. I prefer the Amazon cases. I bought a "used, like new" case at a big discount.
2. The Paperwhite is water proof so a screen cover shouldn't be necessary.
4. If you like classics, free books abound. Project Gutenberg (there's an Australian site, too), MobileRead, and author-specific sites (e.g. The Hardy Boys). Delphi Classics isn't free but it's cheap, with the complete works of A. Conan Doyle or RLS or Conrad, at $2.99.
For recent books your best bet is Libby. Some libraries will let you sign up remotely if your local library doesn't have it.
Amazon itself offers several dozen free Kindle books that change monthly. Amazon's Daily Deals are worth looking over too. I tried Kindle Unlimited for a year but it's mostly bodice rippers.
If you enjoy pulp science fiction and detective stories, check out the 99 cent MegaPack editions on Amazon.


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i read all my fiction books on a Paper White... I did buy the Amazon leather folding cover... it's lasted for years... though the edges are showing some wear now. I'm not sure about the current ones.

I do subscribe to Kindle Unlimited because I read so many books... buying them gets cost prohibitive. The selection doesn't include the best fiction authors out there.... but I still enjoy some of the authors.
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