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Best Sandalwood cream?

I was thinking of adding a Sandalwood cream to my rotation, but having seen so many mixed reviews of all the different Sandalwood products out there I am at a loss as to which particular one to get. So in your opinion which is the finest Sandalwood cream available?
I would also be interested in suggestions for Sandalwood soaps.
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I hear a lot of good things about Salter and Trumper Sandalwood creams, though I have tried neither.

QED Sandalwood soap is absolutely top notch. One of my favourites. The aroma of Sandalwood stays with you for some time.

Vulfix Sandalwood
Taylors Sandalwood
C&E Sandalwood


QED Sandalwood
SaintCharles Sandalwood
"Sandalwood" has the largest range of interpretations of any toiletry products out there. It ranges from the true scent (very dry and balsamic), to sweet and spicy (synthetic) versions. You'll have to try them to figure out which you like. If you want to bound the problem, start with either QED soap or AOS cream (true, dry scent) to Vulfix (sweet baking spices). All are good performers. Also don't miss the C&E version, which has a great scent but a slightly worse (but by no means bad) performance. I have the C&E, Vulfix, Trumper, and T&H sandalwoods if you want to try those.
I have the Trumpers and the Vulfix Sandalwood creams and like them both. The Vulfix was a suprise to be honest. I had only used the Trumpers stuff until now and was pretty much sold on that's what sandalwood should smell like, comparing the two however you end up wondering what sandalwood SHOULD smell like. I think the Trumper cream smells much more woody the Vulfix is sweet and spicy as Scotto says.

If I had to choose between the two i'd pick the Trumper.
I've been using Cyril R Salter Indian Sandalwood for about two weeks straight because its so pleasant to use. In my opinion much better than Trumpers. You also get more for the money, 6.7 oz for $18.95. T&H is a ounce less and around $22. I don't think you would be disappointed. If would like a sample email me and I'll drop it in the mail today or Monday.

Thanks for the replies everyone.
As far as the Sandalwoods go I was leaning towards the QED soap to begin with, although they seem to get consistently good reviews as far as performance goes I have heard a number of people say that the amount of essential oils used in QED soaps can cause irritation; I have sensitive skin so I have always held off on those.
As for the creams I was all set to order Trumper's Sandalwood last night until I saw the one negative review on this site so I didn't go through with the order. As far as Trumper's go I think I will opt for the coconut , but after my trials and tribulations with Trumper's Violet I am not too sure about trying any of their other creams, unless anyone has any advice to offer on getting good results with GFT creams.
As for sandalwood creams then, I think I have narrowed it down to AOS, Taylor's or Vulfix. With the AOS and Vulfix I have seen so many mixed reviews of the brands overall that I am not entirely certain of them and as far as Taylor's goes, although I enjoy my Avocado and Rose creams they have started to irritate my skin quite a bit.
Wouldn't it be nice if for once a decision involving wet shaving was easy to make? Still I appreciate your advice so far and any more guidance you can offer will be appreciated.
Warm regards,

I have the Trumpers sandalwood as well, and my experience mimics a comment above--I thought this was what Sandalwood was supposed to smell like. I've been very happy with this cream, and would encourage you to try it out. Its kind of my "default" shave cream--what I think a British shave cream *should* smell like.
If one negative review keeps you from ordering, you'll be able to fight off SCAD with no problem! In a forum as large as this (and as . . . discriminating:wink: ), one man's ceiling is another man's floor. Someone is likely to love what someone else hates.

With regard to your decision, I love both the Taylor and the AOS (and interestingly enough, I like but do not love the Trumpers). AOS is underappreciated here in my opinion -- it doesn't have the cachet of the English creams and it is a little pricy by comparison to Taylors. But it smells and works great. The scent of the Taylors reminds me a little of burnt pipe tobacco, but I don't mean that negatively. The AOS is sweeter. And now we can see why I am not writing copy for the Shaving Cream makers.

The Taylors is typically cheaper, though the addition of shipping can even up the race (buy two! Or three!).

Vulfix makes a decent cream, but not as good as either AOS or Taylor in my opinion. I haven't tried the Sandalwood, so can't comment on the scent in this case. QED didn't have as much scent as I had heard it would, and the aforementioned creams are more effective for me.

Trumpers Coconut is a terrific choice, similar to Taylor Avocado in its effect and as different from the rest of the line as the Avocado is. The scent is nice, but not as nice as the Sandalwoods.

So there you have it. Your choice is probably no clearer, unless you consider the option of buying them all!
As Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents, I needed to chime in (albeit a bit late). I have used Trumpers, Taylor's and Truefitt & Hill Sandalwoods, and although I like them all in their own way, I would go with the Taylor's any day.

Dadwasright, if you think the Taylor's smells like burnt pipe tobacco, you obviously have not tried the T&H :tongue_sm . T&H is a scent of pipe smoke-in-the-clothes; how I remember my grandfather smelling (good memories), but it is not something I would use all the time. I have to be in the right mood for it.

Trumpers is definitely more of a floral scent, like mixed flowers, and while the scent is nice, is definitely low on the "woodsy" end of the spectrum.

Taylors is what I would consider the great Sandalwood scent. Woodsy, slight hint of spicy floral (for lack of a better description) yet not overly smoky. Taylors Sandalwood is a go-to for me. Plus the lather and slickness of Taylors always works for me.

This being said, I have not tried QED sandalwood soap, but if it is anything like Charles' other soap scents, IT will be my go-to :001_smile .

Echoing others, you need to try a bunch (sometimes an expensive proposition) to see what you like, but you really can't go wrong with any of them.



I concur with Scott, in that sandalwood can be all over the page as far as how it smells. Most I have smelt are the sweet version, which I do not like as much. Almond can be the same way, too foody at times.

As previously stated the scents all vary between different companies...all good but you may prefer certain scents over others. I will say that with regards to soaps I would give C & E a try and you HAVE to get QED's...intoxicating comes to mind. You owe it to yourself to order that one...it is amazing.
Trumper's Sandalwood makes a very thick luxurious lather. The scent was an aquired taste for me, but now it is one I choose when I want a heavier traditional scent. It's hard to describe exactly...sort of a warm soapy scent?
I have the taylors sandalwood and have enjoyed it so far, however it is my first sandalwood. Definately don't be swayed by one bad review, everyones preferences and techniques are different. I've just started buying stuff so I've been looking at trends, if people generally say a product is good it is probably worth a try, if most people don't like something then it is probably better to go with something else. The problem is you really wont know until you starting trying different stuff and fully develop your own tastes.
Indy said:
Trumper's Sandalwood makes a very thick luxurious lather. The scent was an aquired taste for me, but now it is one I choose when I want a heavier traditional scent. It's hard to describe exactly...sort of a warm soapy scent?

Exactly right--excellent description.
I just received an e-mail from Brittney at T&H. I was asking for Sandalwood and West Indian Limes samples and in her response she said that Sandalwood was discontinued? Does anyone have any further knowledge about this? Seems odd they would discontinue such a staple scent for British-made shave creams.
Must be one of the scents discontinued for circulation for T & H in the US. She would be the one to know. You should ask her to confirm what scents have been discontinued...you can still purchase it from British sources I am sure but that doesn't help you with the sample...
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