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Best dressed list revisited - your opinion

Anyone that finds their way to B&B is interested in grooming. So it is of no surprise that there is an interest in how we present ourselves through what we wear. I think most agree that a classic style conveys good taste. Granted "classic" has many variations from English to Italian. It denotes the wearer is not a slave "to in one year out the other high fashion." (I have learned this the hard, expensive way.) So when I looked at the list of best dressed men we find for the most part a classic look. What else to do see?

Here's my list:

1. All those mentioned are in good physical shape (Perhaps not John Gotti but I would have never told him that.)
2. All can afford to buy very high quality.
3. A good taylor is very important.
4. Flair - this is probably the hardest to define or copy. If we can afford it we can go to Nordstrom's and have a salesperson help us pick out a suit, shirt, and tie - great. The problem is we tend to look like everyone else. Okay, let's face it - Gary Grant did not have this problem. For me the Duke of Windsor defines flair - he was English classic but he also invented style that was watched and copied all over the world. His look was not created by a designer that sold off the rack to everyone - his look was created by him and his taylor. And I might add cost him a fortune.

I have noticed the men of B&B tend to go for colognes that not everyone wears - we all like to find that special scent or scents the defines us. Unique but tasteful.

Flair in your clothing - does it matter? If it does, what do you do.
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