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best blade & razor pairing 👍🏼

_20210404_131412.JPG 1st use of(1st)Shark Super Stainless blade, with the orange DLC-Yaqi razor, I've been running my hand over my face to judge if this is closer than the previous Astra Platinum blade, and although this is just the first shave with the Shark(with around 4 days growth) it definitely feels slightly smoother or at the least equal to the Astra, either way only 1 shave in, it defo feels good and considering that's with one of my lower end razors, I'm excited?(or maybe interested should be the word) to see what it's like with my high end razors, usual 2+ passes wtg & xtg/atg with a 3rd touch up pass wherever i thought needed it, one tiny little nick under my chin, but still deserves a good 9.8/10👍🏼 _20210404_131341.JPG pre shave...Ice Cube, cream...Body Shop Maca Root & Aloe, brush...unbranded Aliexpress synthetic, bowl...Fox Rosalita via Etsy, post shave...Clean Shaven Balm, nothing special to comment on regarding the equipment, till next time, happy shaves and keep safe all🪒👍🏼
Up until a month ago, I would have told you vintage Gillette Spoilers in a .68 timeless ti without blinking an eye.
I've been rocking Israeli reds in a SS Blackbird for the last month and I get incredibly close and irritation free shaves with that combo.
Just an FYI, I took a small $20 gamble on 200 of the German made persona platinums and I can find no difference between them and the originals from Israel. The blade/razor combo, and blade comparison is YMMV of course.
_20210408_190639.JPG 2nd use of(1st)Shark Super Stainless blade with the Executive Shaving Outlaw razor, lovely shave again, only 2 shaves in with the Shark but I'm really enjoying this blade, 1 little nick on chin just under bottom lip, it's the same place i always seem to get a nick if i do get one, i have 1 little spot on my chin about 1pence/cent sized were i have a little rough bumpy skin, its just about on the spot i get the occasional nicks, so think its to do with my skin rather than my shaving technique,anyway it was nice shave with usual 2 pass and a touch up 9.7/10 _20210408_190604.JPG pre shave...Ice Cube, soap...Kent,Brush...Omega 49 boar, bowl...Zenith,post shave...Clean Shaven Balm, the 1st use of the Kent soap, nice but very thirsty, I'm lead to believe this is exactly the same as Mitchell's woolfat(which i haven't tried)although it seems nice i feel i have easier to bloom soaps in my rotation that are just as good or better, so i doubt if i would replace the Kent once finished, all in all though an enjoyable shave, so until next time, happy shaves all and take care🪒👍🏼
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just thought I'd post an updated pic of the razors being used as the original pic at beginning of thread is 3 razors short👍🏼 _20210408_230034.JPG
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